Head to Head Dry Erase Marker tip shown with Wide Dry Erase Markers

We see a lot of searches for Wide Dry Erase Markers that end up browsing our Cohas Zig Posterman store. The problem with dry erase markers is they are all small tip markers.  Nothing is available wider than a quarter-inch or so. The tips are chiseled and can be used as a sharp point or on the side for wider lines.  Even so it is hard to cover a wide area with them.

Often the conversation with our technical team here starts out with, “But why?  I just don’t understand, all we need is a dry-erase marker with a wide tip. Why can something simple like that just be made?”  Dry erase markers are made with a dye based alcohol solution.  The fast evaporation of that solution would result in it drying out before it saturated a large tip.

“So why do the wide markers you sell and support work?”  The solution is a waterbased pigment ink, water evaporates slower than alcohol allowing the ink to stay liquid up to 2 inches wide.

Head to Head Dry Erase Marker tip shown with Wide Dry Erase Markers

Head to Head, Dry Erase on the Left Zig Posterman Broad, Wide and Extra Wide on the Right

Can I use your wide and extra wide markers on a white board?

Absolutely! They work just like dry erase markers on a white board with just a few differences.

The pigment based ink is bolder than a dry erase marker. The line will be very strong and opaque you will not be able to see through it.

Unlike dry erase markers you can not wipe the waterproof marker off with your hand, cloth or even the eraser. To remove the mark simply use Windex or an ammonia based cleaner when using waterproof markers. This turns into an advantage since you can mix dry erase and wet erase marks. The marker will not damage or harm your dry erase white board.

We also offer the Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe, this marker will remove from your white board with a damp cloth or sponge.  Zig Illumigraph markers on very smooth surfaces come off with a soft cloth or eraser.  Be sure to see the technical link at the end of this application story for information on the types of markers.

How wide do Wide Dry Erase Markers come?

The regular size marker is just about the same size as your standard white board marker. It is 6mm with a chisel tip, a broad Chisel just a little bigger.

The Big and Broad is 15mm and a great value, a favorite of teachers and executive “chalk talkers.”  It provides a wide 5/8 inch line or a finer 1/4 inch line when you use the side.  These are the most popular wide dry erase markers used by universities and churches for large format presentations.

A Biggie 30 will mark a 1 1/4 inch mark on a white board, fast strong bold lines. It works well for creating big block diagrams on the board. Once you master the use you will be able to feather and taper your lines to nearly any size on the board.

Big as they come the Biggie 50 is great for filling in large areas fast, a full 2 inches wide with a huge tube full of paint. Don’t be scared off by the word paint, the marks will not be permanent on your white board they can be cleaned with Windex and most white board cleaners. (Note the 50mm marker is not available in the Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe.  It is only available in the Waterproof.)

Wide Dry Erase Markers

Looking for a marker that acts just like a Dry Erase Marker and can be erased with a Dry Eraser or a soft cloth on your whiteboard? Consider the Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe. Don’t let the name fool you, when dry (1-2 min) erase with a damp cloth.  It will never damage your whiteboard or leave marks behind! Learn more about these Wide Dry Erase Marker!

Need more detailed technical information on marker types?

Note; Always test your white board for comparability with pigment based markers.  Older boards that are “chalky” or faded may stain.  A good quality paste wax can often refresh an old whiteboard.


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