Our DIY blog is a great resource to help you find ideas and inspiration. Here, you can:

Learn which marker type is best for your application, and the easiest ways to clean each type off your surfaces.

Explore our unique easy to change chalkboard tabletop stand and large display options.

See how to create calligraphic lettering or add tiny details to your artwork with the Zig Posterman Extra Fine 0.5mm Tip markers.

Get to know what ChalkFlex is, and why it’s a must for your next chalkboard project.

Master the art of planning and lettering on your indoor or outdoor business sign.

Discover one of our chalkboard label kits, just right for your spice or canning jars.

We welcome your ideas! If you have a story about how you’ve used Cohas Chalkboard Systems or Zig Posterman markers, we’d love to hear it. If you send us a minimum of 2 images of your artwork, and 250 words telling us how you used the products, you could receive $15 off your next order!* Visit our contact page to begin.

*Coupon valid only if we use your story on our site, Cohas.com. Does not apply to past orders, regardless of order status. May only be used once and cannot be combined with other coupons.


How Can I Get My Chalk Marker Working Again?

Over the years of providing quality chalk markers, we’ve had a number of questions from customers. One of the most common we get is, “How can I get my chalk marker working again?” Oftentimes, the Extra Fine 0.5mm Marker causes issues for our chalk artists and customers. This marker has a unique valve system compared…

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Slate art board with rustic Americana 18-star flag painted with chalk markers, hanging on brick wall next to wooden door
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Create Your Own Rustic American Flag Wall Art with this Guide

Melina, one of our in-house artists, has painted a rustic American flag wall art on slate. The flag features 18 stars and six stripes, along with softened edges and dirtied coloring to give it a more primitive look. Customers can purchase this flag in our handmade section, or follow Melina’s guide to creating their own! What You…

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Wet-Wipe Broad Chisel 6mm Tip Marker The 27 available Colors in a Circle showing the tips
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Cohas Erasable Menu Board Markers Make Chalk Art Easy

Ever sit in a restaurant, coffee shop or brewery and enjoy looking at the creative menu board chalk art on the walls?  Today, because there are so many offerings in menu board markers, colors, and sizes, chalkboard artists can create unique chalk marker signage that wows customers who enter through the door. Since Posterman wet-wipe…

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