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Learn which marker type is best for your application, and the easiest ways to clean each type off your surfaces.

Explore our unique easy to change chalkboard tabletop stand and large display options.

See how to create calligraphic lettering or add tiny details to your artwork with the Zig Posterman Extra Fine 0.5mm Tip markers.

Get to know what ChalkFlex is, and why it’s a must for your next chalkboard project.

Master the art of planning and lettering on your indoor or outdoor business sign.

Discover one of our chalkboard label kits, just right for your spice or canning jars.

We welcome your ideas! If you have a story about how you’ve used Cohas Chalkboard Systems or Zig Posterman markers, we’d love to hear it. If you send us a minimum of 2 images of your artwork, and 250 words telling us how you used the products, you could receive $15 off your next order!* Visit our contact page to begin.

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Paint markers used on clear plastic to create a wedding favor
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Chalkboards and Other Chalk Art Mediums

Selecting the right chalk art mediums for your project can be a difficult decision. Finding a quality product with the right surface is important. Because of the variety of chalk art mediums, it is important to determine if the substrate you are using is porous or nonporous. Porous Versus Nonporous Porous surfaces allow the passing…

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It’s Game Time with Cohas Writable Eye Black Stickers!

Get your game on with Cohas writable eye black stickers! Quickly becoming one of our most popular products, the stickers are designed to fit the curve right under the eye on your cheekbone. Small enough for children, the stickers are also large enough to write on and fit on adults! So Many Uses Because the…

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Ricardo Godoy loves creating liquid chalk art paintings with Zig Posterman chalk markers from Cohas and has created a still life of a wine glass, cherries, and an apple on a chalkboard.
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Creating Liquid Chalk Art Paintings with Zig Posterman Chalk Markers from Cohas

Ricardo Godoy loves creating liquid chalk art paintings. He uses Cohas chalk pens to create impressionist and still life images that he proudly frames and hangs on his walls. Returning to Hobbies The 56-year-old was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease twenty years ago. Godoy worked as an International Consultant, but was unable to continue working in…

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