Looking at the side of a Zig Poserman 15mm Marker with a loaded red tip

You have never seen a Zig Posterman Big and Bold 15mm tip marker?  You have missed out on the power and grace of placing a big, bold mark on any smooth surface that has smaller dry erase markers hiding out on the tray!  We will zoom in and take a close look at the Zig Posterman 15mm tip details.  The marker is not simply 15mm it can make lines of three different widths and is ready to fill in the larger spaces.

Cohas engineering systems reviews the Zig Posterman 15mm Big and Bold Waterproof marker tip.  If you have, or are interested in a Wet-Wipe or Zig Illumigraph marker, the tips will be the same.  The difference is that those markers come off with a damp cloth, while the Waterproof marker needs Windex, Whiteboard or Zig Posterman cleaner.

Looking at the side of a Zig Posterman 15mm Tip Details with a loaded red tip

The face is a full 15mm wide, just a bit over 5/8 of an inch and is flat.

First, lets look at the face of the marker. Used to make big bold lines, the surface is what you will use most often; after all, a wide marker is what you were looking for.  The tip is made of a hard dense fiber that will hold it’s shape even on rough surfaces.  Some of our customers use their marker to create designs on grip tape for artistic skateboards.

The ink, actually a pigment based paint, fills the tip when the valve is pressed down.  Our training video on how to “Load Your Zig” provides details on this process.

Looking at the edge of a Zig Posterman 15mm Tip Details with a loaded red tip

The side is about 9mm wide, just a bit under 3/8 of an inch and is slightly rounded.

The side of the marker has a bit of a rounded or beveled profile as seen in this image.  It can be used to create thinner lines of about 9mm in width if used full on the side, or 2-5mm in width if used on the corner. How hard you press the marker will control how large your line gets when you use the corner of the 15mm Big and Bold.

If you need wider lines, Zig Posterman also come in 30mm and 50mm widths.  In 2016 the factory discontinued many of the colors available in the 30mm width marker.  Cohas Chalkboard Systems added 20, 30 and 40 mm width markers in all the available colors as a custom product.  This is modified right here in America for any project you may have.

Tip from the lab: If you need a special width or shape for some reason, cut the fiber tip with a razor knife, utility blade or Exacto knife.  Zig Posterman 15mm tip details; It is less messy if you do this before you load the tip!  Did you know, you can create a schroll brush by cutting a grove in the tip.  This will lay down two lines when your draw.

Quick review of Zig Posterman ink types

  • The ink is pigmented paint in all markers.
  • Waterproof used on any non-porous surface will not come off with rubbing or water; you must use Windex or a cleaner with a high alkaline content.
  • Wet-Wipe used on any smooth surface will not come off with rubbing unless you rub very hard.
  • Wet-Wipe will only come off with a damp cloth or with water.  Indoor use is recommended.
  • Zig Illumigraph markers are Wet-Wipe markers in extremely bright colors for application on dark surfaces.
  • Like Wet-Wipe, they only come off with a damp cloth and are recommended for indoor use.
  • Waterproof Florescent colors give the look of Zig Illumigraph but they are semi-permanent.
  • All markers are odor free and have no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and conform to ASTM D4236.
  • All markers are permanent on porous surfaces. Use your Zig Posterman Markers with care!

If you need help with your applications please use our contact page to work with our lab technicians on testing your specific needs.

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