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Technical staff here at Cohas Chalkboard and Marker Systems helped out on answers.yahoo.com and answered the following question.  Our answer was selected the best last week.  It was about professional pigment paint markers.

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Need some pro pigment paint markers?

Okay so I like to make graphic designs both on the computer and off, but all I have found are prisma colors, paint markers, and something else. I am looking for intense, and I mean vivid colors that don’t allow overlap streaks showing (like how with an expo if you draw a line going one way on paper and then reverse the direction going slightly more diagonal, and then you are left with a dark square where you went back).

  • I want it to be all glossy like spray paint, but I need it well controlled.
  • Need something that doesn’t strip down the more you draw and mix (like chunks of it).
  • Looking for a variety of sizes so you can make clean cut edges on round edges.
  • And most of all, I want something that doesn’t just lose its color when it dries and one that doesn’t dry out in like 5 minutes from just excessive drawing.

I even went to an art marker testing store but only had 5 minutes because I had to run. So what marker brand and model are out there like this and if you can, please tell me some good paper that works with this. Cost is only an issue if its like more than 100 bucks.

Best Answer

pigment paint markers Zig Posterman Paint Markers sound like a solution except for one of your requirements. They are water based pigment markers. The mark is opaque and can be drawn over after it dries. They are normally used on non porous material, where they are semi-permanent, when you use them on paper they are not removable. On Glass or plastic they come of with Windex or any ammonia based cleaner.

They come in a number of sizes, from extra fine point half mm through 50mm that’s 2 inches wide!

They are pigment paint markers, UV stable, and will not fade in the sun, this is because of the pigment (ground up powder) used in the “ink” paint marker. The tip is loaded by pressing down on the marker to open a valve, this keeps it from drying out as you draw. A video is on the website cited in the sources that shows how that works.  “How to Load a Zig Posterman Marker

We have not tested with many different paper types, we will do that in the future.

Artist Tip!

Zig Posterman Paint markers can be blended when wet for dramatic results useful in three dimensional renderings and representation.  When dry they can be drawn over with no damage to the marks you have made. You will also see no change in color to those marks you have made.

They do make a mat finish not gloss as you requested, other than that they may work for you. You can spray a fixative or clear spray paint over it to make it glossy when complete. You can also laminate it with a gloss laminate. Heat laminate or pressure laminate works fine.

Full disclosure, I work in the Cohas Chalkboard & Marker Systems lab that tests these products for distribution in the US. Providing information for application stories at the company that sells them. We do test other markers POSCA would provide similar results to what I have outlined. Other markers we have tested like wet erase or dye based markers would have the problems.


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