Wall art on IdeaPaint whiteboard surface, Masked with Painters tape, coated with Red Zig Illumigraph, words etched with eraser

The call came in like many do, “We need IdeaPaint Chalk Markers will your markers work on IdeaPaint?” We have reports from many customers one as far away as Australia using them so “Sure they will work for you.” An easy answer, but our recommendation became a bit cautious for a few reasons.

Explaining the best product for IdeaPaint is the Zig Illumigraph marker we started to review the darker colors like violet, red and blue. Noah Lydiard of PJA Advertising and Marketing started asking if we had any lighter colors. He then explained that this was a clear IdeaPaint wall over a green painted wall. This key lime green wall would make an outstanding palette for all the ZigPosterman Colors.

Noah was looking for wide bold markers, something that would be highly opaque and have wide tips. The advantage with Illumigrpaph is that they can be removed with a damp cloth or even wiped off of IdeaPaint with a soft rag. A nice option in the office or home, plus they come as wide as 2 inches.

A Violet 50mm Zig Illumigrpah marker drawing a driping line on a IdeaPaint Wall, IdeaPaint Chalk Markers

PJA also wanted some dark colors, though not available in the Illumigraph they are available in the Zig-Posterman Wet-Wipe marker. He opted to add Black Blue and Brown in 15mm to all the 50 and 15mm Illumigraph colors offered.

Flourescent Zig Illumigrpah paint on a lime green idea paint wall the design is drippingPausing for a moment in our conversation on his project… Even taking a deep breath when the next statement came up. “We just painted the wall today, (Thursday) the artists set up to come in at the beginning of the next week.” It is recommended by the manufacture of IdeaPaint that the wall dry for three days.  The cure should be a bit longer with ZigPosterman markers.  This is important since the water based Wet-Wipes are removed with a damp cloth.  The fluid can soak into the drywall if it is not sealed and has dried well.

Willing to take the chance Noah at PAJ and Steve Young here at Cohas Chalkboard Systems put together the order. Out it went Friday night UPS ground for delivery to the PJA Advertising and Marketing firm in Cambridge Monday.

Starting with a blank green wall coated with IdeaPaint Clear, artists Josh Falk and Matthew Zaremba create IdeaPaint chalk markers bold radiating lines with the Zig Illumigraph 50mm marker in violet. Surprising us the next color laid down was Yellow while watching the video for the first time. A technician in the lab screamed, “wait, wait, wait” when the artist was pressing down on the marker causing it to drip and run. While not a normal use we just waited for the video to run and the art to develop.

Artists remove Zig Illumigraph paint marker cleanly from a IdeaPaint wallBlending with a water spray and paper towel the next step was to mask of sections of the design. Then the magic of Zigs and IdeaPaint came out. Josh and Matthew cleaned the marker off the IdeaPaint coated wall with a damp cloth. Some of the marker paint was thick from layers in the design. In the end it was 100% clean with no ghosting or marks.  After that the cleaned area received a solid coating of red Zig Illumigraph marker with a Biggie 50 2 inch marker.

Then a surprise came, after coating the large solid triangles in the design they let the Zig Illumigrpaph marker paint dry. Using an eraser on the end of a pencil the Illumigraph marks were selectively removed to inscribe the message “Nurture the Things that Interest You…”


Wall art on IdeaPaint whiteboard surface, Masked with Painters tape, coated with Red Zig Illumigraph, words etched with eraserI wonder if we should let PJA know that the Zig Illumigraph marker is Ultra Fluorescent under blacklight?

Listen now to “The Unconventinals” a pja radio production, in this show Mike O’Toole talks with Morgen Newman VP, International Sales and and Jeff Avallon, VP, Business Development of IdeaPaint. Based in Ashland, MA and founded in 2002.  IdeaPaint gives people the opportunity to unleash their creative potential through innovative tools that re-imagine the spaces where they work, learn and play. A dry erase paint, IdeaPaint turns virtually any surface into an erasable canvas.  This provides its customers the space they need to collaborate, interact and fully explore their creativity.

Join Cohas on facebook he “Liked” The Unconventionals we know you will too!

Zig Illumigraph Markers used laying on a painters cloth with tape and rags. Violet, yellow and RedLike to learn more about IdeaPaint? Visit the IdeaPaint website for work school and home!

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