Application of Paint Markers on 8 x 10 Frame Bagel Shop Display

Available in nine sizes, these semi-permanent Markers will mark any non-porous surface and will not come off in the rain or when washed. They only come off with a glass cleaner.  Zig Posterman waterproof markers are not like a standard wet erase marker that comes off with water or a damp cloth.  The application of paint markers that are waterproof can be removed with any cleaner that has a pH of 10 or higher.

Application of Paint Markers on 8 x 10 Frame Bagel Shop Display

Just one of our many Cohas Chalkboard System Frames. In stock available from 5 x 7 to 24 x 36 inches. Click image to view selection.

The ammonia in glass cleaner has that high pH thus required for removal, until you use that type of cleaner your design will not rub or wash off.

Types of products they will mark on include;

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Acrylic
  • Coroplast
  • Ceramic
  • Mirrors
  • Blackboard
  • Whiteboard

The large ones are used by law enforcement and the auto industry to mark car windows. Also called Wet-Wipe markers by some, they are similar to Dry Erase Markers but can not be removed once dry by wiping. Used on signs in stores on boards windows these markers allow a restaurant or store to show different messages when required. They are great tools to test out marketing ideas.

Zig Posterman also available as Wet-Wipe markers, be sure you select the right type. Wet-Wipe markers can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge.   To learn more visit these information pages.

Waterproof Markers

Wet-Wipe Markers

Zig Illumigraph Markers

Application of Paint Markers, Windex shown with four sizes of Paint Markers available at

How Application of Paint Markers work

The waterproof markers use a quick drying liquid paste similar to a pigment based paint. It can not be removed with a whiteboard eraser. The key component for removal is an ammonia based product. We have found with some of our customers can not remove the image from the boards after they mark them. In all cases it has been that the glass cleaner they were using was “green” or organic based cleaner good for the environment. In those situations, using a Windex type product with ammonia removed the marker, even after attempting to use the wrong cleaning product.

The contents in the fluid are a water base with resin and titanium dioxide (color pigment) the paste is less likely to cause allergic reaction than dry-erase markers with alcohol or chalk dust.

Dry erase markers use an alcohol base that can be removed with a paper towel, rubbing or with a whiteboard eraser. Good for indoor use they are not recommended for outdoor use, like Zig Posterman waterproof markers are.

Application Extra!

Zig Posterman Waterproof  Markers can be used on a dry erase board, they make a semi permanent image that can be drawn over with dry erase markers. When removing the dry erase with an eraser, the Wet Erase image stays on the board until removed with an ammonia based cleaner.

Applications include charts and graphs with text that is changed on a more regular basis.  Another use is the management of manufacturing processes.  By using Zig Posterman markers the data stays on the board until the operator wants it removed!

Dry Erase cleaning fluid is compatible with Zig Posterman markers it will remove all dry erase marks and Zig Posterman marks and any residue left.  Your white board will look like new after you clean it.  Please note, some dry erase markers may be harder to clean than the Zig Posterman paint marker from a white board surface.

Looking for a marker you can wipe off with a dry eraser or a soft cloth from your whiteboard or blackboard?  Try our Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe markers, when dry they will come off any quality board that has a smooth surface just like dry erase markers!

Application of Paint Markers on Chalkboard Painted Surfaces

We do not recommend that Zig Posterman or any pigmented paint marker be used on a a surface painted with chalkboard paint.   These surfaces and the surface painted on tend to be porous this will leave a ghost or permanent mark.

Some customers have been successful using the markers on chalkboard paint.  The subsurface on those items tend to be non porous like metal, plastic, steel, Masonite or glass.  You should test the surface in a inconspicuous area before extensive use.

A better option for the application of paint markers is our Chalkflex chalkboard product available in framed, unframed, as sheets or on a roll for your project.  This stiff but easy to install flexible plastic chalkboard will not stain under normal use.

Colors Available

Application of Paint Markers More colors than any other store on the planetBe sure to visit our Liquid Chalk Page to view all the colors available.  Depending on the factory we between 45 and 50 colors available for same day shipment.  They are manufactured in different finishes;

  • Standard matte Finish
  • Fluorescent
  • Metallic

Darker colors are recommended for light-colored items like white plastic. Lighter color markers are typically used on dark plastic or glass or blackboards. Sold in Kits or they can be ordered individually.

A rainbow of colors all providing an opaque (solid) color mark on your substrate are available at shop by image, select your color in our store.

Regular Size markers have a 1/4 inch chisel tip that can be used as a fine point marker or to draw a line. Big and Broad Markers have a big 5/8 inch wide tip for bold letters. Looking for a way to quickly fill up large areas, use the Biggie Markers in 1 1/4 or 2 inch.

Size Chart Metric Marker Conversions

  • 1/32 inch, 1/2mm
  • 1/16 inch, 1mm
  • 1/8 inch, 2mm
  • 1/4 inch 6mm
  • 5/8 inch, 15mm
  • 3/4 inch, 20mm
  • 1 1/4 inch 30mm
  • 1 5/8 inch 40mm
  • 2 inch 50mm
Size comparison is approximate.
Windex is a trademark of S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
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