DIY Wine Bottle Art with Chalkboard Paint
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DIY Wine Bottle Art with Chalkboard Paint

Zig Posterman markers work wonders on a variety of surfaces, including of course chalkboards! With a little bit of imagination, one can create amazing and unique arts and crafts projects with these great markers, just like Kristina Gulino, author on Nook & Sea. Kristina created this wonderful DIY wine bottle art, a great counter top or kitchen decoration, specially made for and by you!

Here’s her story:

DIY Wine Bottle Art with Chalkboard Paint and Cohas Zig Posterman Chalk Markers“My chalkboard paint came! Woohoo! Last night I did a little birthday project for myself and completed the chalkboard paint wine bottles for the kitchen. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit where I wanted them to (my fault for grabbing one bottle that was a tad too tall to squeeze between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling), but I think will work just as well on the counter. What do you think?

Chalkboard Paint Wine BottlesThe DIY Wine Bottle Art Prep:

Goo-Gone’s Sticker Lifter (this version might be best, I used the standard one with the scraper attachment)
A small flat paintbrush
One 2 oz. tube of chalkboard paint (I had plenty left over!)
A white chisel-tip chalkboard marker

Chalkboard Paint Wine Bottles and markersThe DIY Wine Bottle Art Doing:

1) Remove wine label (optional) – Soak the empty wine bottles in a sink or bucket filled with warm water for 20 minutes. Take out and use Goo-Gone to soak and scrape the rest of the label off. If you want to leave the label on, it would add some interesting texture and be a landing spot for your text.

2) Paint – Make sure your wine bottle is dry and wiped clean. Squeeze a little chalkboard paint onto a plastic bag or plastic party plate and use this as your palette for dipping. Starting at the top of the bottle and working your way down, paint vertically (using top-to-bottom strokes). After the entire bottle is coated, let it dry for 20-30 minutes. Don’t worry if you can still see the glass showing through. Next,  apply a second coat, this time horizontally (using side-to-side strokes) and let dry. Touch up where needed.

3) Write – First, test your marker on a surface to see how it will write, and get a feel for how you want to compose your lettering. Once the entire bottle is completely dry, it should be fine to hold while you write. (Note – while it seems kind of silly to mention, make sure you don’t have any lotion on your hands because it can leave oily fingerprints).

All done! Now go put it somewhere pretty, take pictures, and show your friends!

Chalkboard Paint Wine BottlesTips and Tricks

Writing Redos – Freshly painted bottles do not lend much room for error, as the paint under the ink will also come off if you attempt to wipe your text from the bottle. I suggest you wait a day before completing your bottles with lettering, and gently remove any mistakes with a damp cloth.

Faster Paint Coverage – Psssst! There is also chalkboard spray paint! I didn’t use this because it was evening and I really didn’t have anywhere to spray paint, but it would be best in my opinion. Smoother coverage, quicker drying time, and faster application.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how the bottles turned out! Now I’ve gotta figure out what else I can use this stuff on…. see my ideas at my DIY Pinterest board here and be on the lookout for some more chalky-ish posts 🙂


Founded in June 2011, Nook & Sea is the blog and creative project of Kristina Gulino; California native and avid lover of home interiors and coastal living. Formerly known as Something 2 Write About, Nook & Sea blends the subject of home decor with a medley of interests including DIY projects, cooking and baking recipes, entertaining and events, greenery, style inspirations and personal insight into a simplistic and joyful Southern California lifestyle.

Kristina lives in South Orange County with her husband and delights in sharing her finds and inspirations with her readers. She holds an associates degree in visual communications from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and a bachelors degree in business management.

Like to try this without the mess and fuss of Chalkboard Paint? Read, Fall DIY Paint Markers on Dark Wine Bottles in our September 2012 application story!

 Please note, the markers that were used in this project were not Zig Posterman sold here in our Cohas Chalkboard Systems store. However, we found this project online and thought it was a great example of how to use our markers! If you’d like to purchase similar markers to those used in this project, view all our waterproof markers here compatible with your DIY wine bottle art project

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