Zig Posterman write on Car to Sell, Car Dealer Paint Markers

Just a big bold note on the car window, or the price on a real good deal, paint markers are a great solution to tell others you are ready to sell! Available in different sizes, you don’t have to be an expert to letter or decorate your motor vehicle windows. Car Dealer Paint Markers come in many colors and sizes here at Cohas Systems, the most used are those larger than 15mm.

The markers used on this car included the 5/8 of an inch (15mm) Big and Broad Zig Posterman Marker and the Biggie 30.  The Big and Broad paint marker was used to draw the year and other white text. The Biggie 30 was used to create the price listed in red.

Honda Pilot for Sale using Zig Posterman Car Dealer Paint MarkersThe Big and Broad has a wide tip with an edge that is about 1/4 inch  wide.  The wide tip was used to draw the text, “Honda Pilot” in one stroke.  The edge of the white marker was used to create the keys.  To make the year, about three strokes were used to create the one inch wide letters.  The ink takes about a minute to dry, and can be drawn over, or next to without affecting the original marks.

Changes can be made while the mark is wet by rubbing with your finger or a paper towel.

The red price was made with the short barrel 1 1/4 inch (30mm) marker.  By holding the back of the container in your palm you can create clean wide numbers, letters and symbols.

With this car the tinted windows work well with the lighter colored markers.  The marks will not come off in the rain, they can only be removed with Windex cleaner.

Recommended Car Dealer Paint Markers for this project

Waterproof big and broad 15mm tip marker features a wide tip for making thick and thinner lines. They provide customers a quality liquid chalk ink that is highly opaque and waterproof. The markers can be used on a variety of surfaces, like Cars & Trucks, Cohas products, classic chalkboards, glass, plastic and more. They are perfect for use adding lettering and decorative art to nonporous surfaces.

Car Dealer Paint Markers Zig Posterman 15mm



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