Devens Solid Waste Saves Planet with Zig Posterman Recycling printed sign with 15mm date marked on it

Repeated Annual, Monthly, Weekly, Daily event, but don’t want to reproduce a new banner for each event? Use the Zig Posterman recycling water-proof markers! Do surface irregularities make it challenging to change information? Use clear package tape to make it easy to write, change and remove markings!  A Massachusetts community used these ideas and more to solve solid waste problems in town.

Devens Solid Waste Saves Planet with Zig Posterman Recycling printed sign with 15mm date marked on it

The North Central Regional Solid Waste Cooperative also known as MassToss promotes routine events for member communities with yard signs and banners. It is a recycling and waste management cooperative that serves over 80,000 residents and 14 plus communities. It’s important to members that resource material be conserved and used responsibly.

Signs were produced and information such as dates and location were changed by taping updated information on to signs and banners. This procedure was time consuming both with labor necessary and material preparation. Information was laser printed on to recycled overhead projection film and then taped to signs and banners. Removing the tape was cumbersome and left residual adhesive that collected dirt and debris making the signs look worn and ratty. It became difficult to update with new readable information.

This problem was resolved by using the Zig Posterman Recycling 15 mm markers. The information could be changed and updated easily. Initially the narrower 6mm waterproof markers were used but were not nearly as noticeable. Additionally, some surfaces of posters and signs were found to be difficult to remove some residue of the markers, so clear packing tape was applied to the areas were information would be updated which made the application, removal and updating quick and easy!

Signs and Step Stakes

The type of plastic in the image is referred to as Coroplast, it is a corrugated plastic that looks a lot like cardboard.  Since it is non-porous and made of plastic it does a good job with the Zig Posterman markers.  With age the signs may start to “chalk” and some staining may occur, for the price even this limitation is often overlooked.

This customer used a hybrid solution. They used the Zig Posterman Recycling on printed signs, and remove then change the dates each year.  Blank signs and wide markers can provide a very flexible option for quick sign needs.

Often used for printed political signs, Coroplast signs are great for garage sales, event signage or quick directional signs.  In 2017 we will be rolling out kits that include coroplast, step stakes and a marker for fast easy signs.  You can make these signs at a moments notice, like when that detour you did not expect is set up past your store!

When cut so the corrugation is vertical the sign can be used with Step-Stakes.  The name comes from the thought that you can “step” on the crossbars to place the stakes into the ground.  Unless you have sandy soil we do not recommend that, the stake will bend or break.  In New England, or anywhere with hard ground we recommend using a 1/4 inch extended length electricians drill bit.  This can be used with a battery powered drill to put holes in the ground for the stakes.

Need help with your sign or chalkboard projects? Reach out to us here at Cohas Chalkboard Systems on our contact page.  The best products come from finding solutions to our customers needs.

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