Garden rocks and Zig Posterman Markers on a rustic table provide identification for what you planted this year

Zig Posterman markers work wonders on a variety of surfaces, even rocks! With a little bit of imagination, one can create amazing and unique garden markers.  Zig Posterman Markers allow you the creative flexibility of drawing your vegetable rather than just labeling them with the provided greenhouse marker.  When you are gardening with paint marker rocks, you will know what will soon be sprouting.

Zig Posterman has many different sizes and colors which allow you to create rock plant markers as fancy and artistic as you can imagine.   The rocks add character and color to your garden.  What a great way for children of all ages to understand what type of plant is growing in their backyard.

Make sure you find a rock that works.  Any type of rock with a flat surface from the backyard worked well for us.  We just wiped off the dirt, removed any loose rock and started the art.  Collecting the rocks was another family adventure.

Garden Paint Marker Rocks and Zig Posterman Markers on a rustic table provide identification for what you planted this year

Shown with the (paint) markers used to create these unique (row) markers it’s easy to remember where and what you planted! (someone took the violet on us)

You can also purchase rocks from your local home store or greenhouse.  While making the rocks we had to load the pen more often than normal.  If you are doing a large area, we loaded the tip right on the rock.  If you are doing more detailed area, we had a scrap piece of paper for loading.

Let each color dry before you add your highlights.  Each marker color dried for re-coat in about 20 minutes.  Our rock was a little porous and it took longer for the markers to dry than they usually do on plastic or glass.

After we finished our Zig Posterman paint marker rocks, we sprayed the rocks with sealant.  Since we used Zig Posterman Waterproof markers they don’t need a sealant and can be able to be used for many years to come.  If you are looking for a shiny marker, just spray with a gloss acrylic spray paint.

These Zig Posterman professional quality paint markers made the task easy and fun!

Paint Marker Rocks Update

Paint Marker Rocks, Slate Garden Stakes

This little project in the spring of 2013 got us thinking about new product ideas.  The Cohas product development team was approached by Chinese distributors about buying slate from China.  First of all, unless it is not at all possible we like to buy our raw materials right here in America. More important, why ship a bunch of rocks from China!  With our manufacturing, distribution and studios right here in New England we looked local.

While transporting our raw roofing slate from the quarry here in New England we hit a frost heave.  This broke many of the 8×12 slates on the pallet.  On arrival at our studios just 45 miles north of Boston, what to do?  One of the local green houses was looking for something more refined than paint marker rocks. From that idea we developed Slate Garden Stakes.

Sold by the set they feature natural stone and wood to provide gardeners a smooth, unique surface for their artwork. Customers can use the slate stakes in their potted plants, gardens, and more. They are perfect for nurseries, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, and much more. Because of the slate’s versatility, customers can use them virtually anywhere!

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