The Farm Truck Painted Zig Posterman on a Truck

“My wife loves to tailgate at concerts,” said John Snyder. “So, I thought I’d help her with two of her tailgates last year.”  Not sure if it would work, John called the office here at Cohas, the worlds largest distributor of Zig Posterman Markers.  He wanted to know if he could use Zig Posterman on a truck.

No Shoes Nation Zig Posterman on a Truck

Using just a black Zig Posterman Marker, John created footprints all over his silver Ranger XLT for one of Kenny Chesney’s concerts during the “No Shoes Nation” tour held in central New York.

“I used a homemade stencil for the footprints,” John said. “I looked up images of footprints on the Internet and when I found one that I liked, I printed it out on plain copy paper.”

No Shoes Nation Tailgating Zig Posterman on a Truck


After printing out the design, John cut out the design with a hobby knife.

“The markers worked great,” he said. “I love the fact that the Zig Posterman on a truck, markers put out just the right amount of ink so it doesn’t run, even using just copy paper.”

The door of the truck was also marked with “No Shoes Nation” and a skull and crossbones using the black marker.

Tailgating at the No Shoes Nation tourSitting on a blue wicker chair in the back of the pick-up, Lori Snyder, was surrounded by tropical plastic decorations that included a palm tree, beach balls, plastic pail and a little inner tube holding a large plastic bottle of Corona Extra paying homage to Corona Light Beer, the event sponsor.

“We attracted a lot of attention from the crowd and from Corona who took photos of our truck,” John said.

The Farm Inc.

The Zig Posterman on a truck was such a big hit, John used the black markers during a second tailgate party for a “The Farm” concert, also in central New York.

John wrote “Fresh Off The Farm,” “Be Grateful, “Farm Party,” and “The Farm, Inc.” all over his truck. To their surprise, the people directing parking for the concert thought the Snyders were with the band and directed them to a spot right in back of the stage.

“I love these markers and that’s why I am ordering more for this year’s Kenny Chesney 2015 tour,” John said. “Thank you Cohas!”

The Farm Truck Painted Zig Posterman on a Truck

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