Zig Posterman Cleaner Clean Tip

This is no little tool! A full 2 inches wide of board cleaning power! Zig Posterman cleaner can be used on most surfaces and wipes away waterproof, wet-wipe and dry erase marks with great ease, leaving an amazingly clean surface ready for new designs. The cleaner is great for giving sign faces and windows one final sweep to remove smudges and marks left behind by other cleaners or water.

Works great on and made for Chalk Boards or Blackboards too!  If you are someone that is never happy with the streaks and marks from chalk markers or even from real chalk on your chalkboards this is the tool for you.

What’s Inside the Zig Posterman Cleaner?

Each cleaner comes in a tube with cleaning tip similar to the BIGGIE 50 marker. The tubes contain 50ml of a water solution consisting mainly of alkaline ionized water.

Zig Posterman Cleaner on a whiteboard surfaceHow Does it Work?
Zig Posterman cleaners work in easy-to-follow steps.

  1. Clean the surface with a damp cloth or pre-clean with Windex
  2. Push the tip of the cleaner down to begin the flow to the tip, just like when using the Zig Posterman markers.
  3. Drag the tip across the areas you wish to clean.
  4. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth, paper towel, etc.

It’s that easy!

Using a paper towel to finish after using Zig Posterman CleanerBut now that my board is clean, how do I clean the tip of the Zig Posterman Cleaner?
The tip of the chalkboard cleaner tends to absorb some of the marker that is erased. But cleaning the tip of the marker and preparing it for storage and future uses is really simple! Just take the tip of the cleaner and press a dry, clean paper towel or extra cloth to it. The marker that was absorbed into the tip is quickly absorbed by the cloth, leaving the tip as clean as when it arrived in the box!

Zig Posterman Cleaner with Dirty Tip

Zig Posterman Cleaning Cleaner Tip

Zig Posterman Cleaner Clean Tip

Zig Tips:

  • Be sure to allow the marker surface sufficient time to completely dry before creating a new design.
  • Zig cleaners are best for smaller surfaces and simple mistakes.
  • Use a kitchen cleaner or Windex with ammonia to remove most of your stains to lengthen the life you your Zig Posterman Cleaner
  • Be careful using the cleaner on vertical surfaces; the markers and cleaners have a tendency to run!

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