World Cup, Zig Posterman Car Painting with Paint Markers

Who would have thought of this! These two girls in the United Kingdom paint a car to look like the Flag of England using Zig Posterman Markers.  This was done in support of the 2010 World Cup.  Since we published this video Zig Posterman car painting has become quite popular right here in America.  Be sure to read our tips and tricks at the end of the story. Cohas customer service representatives would like to share what they have learned from customers.

The extra wide 50mm Biggies provided large brush strokes over very opaque white Chalk for the flag field on the top of the car.  Though this video shows a nice heavy first coat going down, remember you can go over the marks again once they are dry.

These “Zig Girls” finished the car roof and added support to the windows before the game.

According to this pair the car “was rained on, jet washed, and went through a car wash! Yet they stayed on!” The sign was removed with Zig Posterman Chalkboard Cleaner.

World Cup, Zig Posterman Car Painting with Paint Markers

Products used in this video, Biggie 50mm White Marker and the Big and Broad 15mm Red Marker to start the red lines. A Biggie 30mm red Marker was used to fill in the red lines.

While the factory has discontinued the Biggie 30mm waterproof in all colors except for white and black, Cohas has a solution.  In January of 2017 we will offer all colors available in the Zig Posterman waterproof line in 20, 30 and 40 mm sizes.  These are long barrel markers with 50ml of ink in them, a great solution and a better value.  Exclusively here in the Zig Posterman marker store on the Cohas Chalkboard Systems website.

Technical tips on Zig Posterman Car Painting

Note; This information added January 2017.

First and foremost, check your car for suitability.  If your car is older, has been left out in the sun or has a “chalky” appearance to the paint please test in a inconspicuous spot first.  A good coating of paste wax or liquid wax is a good idea before you start.

The markers will not come off in the rain however, we have seen failure in some specific conditions.  Follow this checklist to be sure you obtain the best results when Zig Posterman car painting.

  • Clean and wash the car thoroughly.
  • If possible use denatured alcohol to prep the surface.
  • Wax the surface.
  • Apply only when the car is dry and temps are above 60 degrees.
  • Avoid bringing the car from the cold to a warm garage, the car will sweat, the markers will fail in the next rain.
  • Test first.  You do not want to stain the paint on your car.
  • If uncomfortable about using on your paint, use on the windows of your car.
  • Removal must be with a cleaner that has a pH of 10 or higher, like Windex with ammonia.
  • Do not expect a car wash to remove the design, also expect some touch-up will be required.
  • If you drive in an area with snow, the marker will not come off, even with salt and sand.
  • Once exposed to road dust, dirt, sand and salt, if rubbed the marks will remove with water.

Have fun! This is great for car shows and concerts.  Be sure to read our story about “No Shoes Nation Zig Posterman on a Truck” our customer John Snyder was even escorted backstage when he showed up in his Zig Posterman decorated truck!




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