Zig Posterman on Canvas Goes to School Fun Night

Zig Posterman on CanvasNot a month goes by here at Cohas Chalkboard Systems without being asked “Can we use Zig Posterman on Canvas, as in the traditional art media canvas stretched on frames?” Thanks to a volunteer in the community event one of our designers had a chance to find out in June of 2013. 

Recently I was asked to make some posters for the Lawrence Community Day Charter Public Schools annual Family Fun Night. My sister is a teacher at the Gateway School and the mother of one of her students is the president of the PTO and was in charge of getting the posters made. She saw some of the artwork I had done for my sister’s classroom and hallway and asked if I would be willing make them. Thinking to myself, why not what could be so hard about that?

A bit surprised my sister brought me four 4×5 foot stretched canvases, so I ran with it. (I was thinking more along the lines of some poster board.) So I picked out my supplies and got to work. To make things easier and more uniform I made construction paper templates for the letters and traced them onto the canvases with a light pencil line. For the color I used three different types of 15mm (aprox. half an inch) Zig Posterman paint/chalk markers. The red and green markers I used were waterproof, the blue was wet-wipe, and the violet was an Illumigraph.

Zig Posterman on Canvas

Having neveZig Posterman on Canvasr used the Zig Posterman on canvas before yet it worked great. I didn’t have time to go the traditional brush and paints route due to painting and drying times. The Zig markers were a perfect alternative; I used the front of the 15mm tip to outline and then fill in the large letters. In the time it took me to outline and fill in one letter the previous letter had already dried. For the smaller school names in the corner of each poster I was able to use the side of the 15mm tip which is approx. 9mm or a bit more than a quarter of an inch. This made a perfect block letter font for the names. Also for a bit of flair I used the width of the front side of the tip to make dashes on the side of the canvas.

The posters had a nice clean crisp look using the Zig Posterman on Canvas. As a side note I also found out that you can write over white out with a Zig Posterman marker. I had to fix a typo in one of the school names and was relieved to see that the white out covered my mistake and I was able to write over it without it affecting the look of the paint.

Supplies Used

  • 4  stretched canvases 4×5 foot.
  • Construction paper, scissors, pencil for letter templates.
  • Zig Posterman markers 15mm red and green waterproof, 15mm blue wet-wipe, 15mm voilet Illumgraph.

The participant in the event was Kris one of our artists here at Cohas Chalkboard Systems.  Trained classically she learned computer art over the last 15 years while with ImageAbility Inc..  If you select any Zig Posterman marker here in our store likely the tip rendering was hand crafted by Kris.

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