Bright Yellow Beer ad showing 20% off on the sidewalk done with Zig Posterman Whole Foods New York City Gets Attention Sidewalk Paint Markers!

In New York City at Union Square the Whole Foods Market was looking for a whole pile of paint markers in our Zig Posterman online store.  Happy we could ship out promptly they stocked up with assorted colors and sizes in both 6mm and 15mm sidewalk paint markers.

It’s Labor Day how will you promote your business this weekend?

A great solution to slow sales, if you have something in store, and have foot traffic why not find a unique way to promote it!

Trent Ecklar, Whole Foods Store Graphic Artist when asked about his first use said, “We used 5 markers making this One Day Sale sidewalk chalk sign.”  One amazing thing to see in this photo is how people have to look at it.  Trent continued, “This display lasted through two days of rain! At the end of the sale this weekend we removed it with a power washer.”

Bright Yellow Beer ad showing 20% off on the sidewalk done with Zig Posterman Sidewalk Paint Markers

The sign showed no wear and could have lasted for months, though as you can also see in the photo shoppers in New York tended to avoid walking on the graphic.

Application Note for Sidewalk Paint Markers

Why not make your own sidewalk sign message board with our Zig Posterman sidewalk paint markers.  We recommend the following marker sizes, just pick your colors and you are good to go!

When working on a sidewalk you will find that the ink will not last as long as it may on a smooth surface.   This is due to the fact that concrete will absorb the fluid in the marker as you do your design.  Be sure to take this into account when you place your order.

Be sure to view our other DIY application notes here on Cohas Chalkboard Systems. One of the best ways it to Visit our Idea Gallery click an image that sparks an idea and read up to find out how the professionals did it themselves.

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