Cafe Sign with Waterproof Chalk Markers

In Portland, Oregon there is a cafe called Little River Cafe, owned by Thierry Pasquiou. A little over a year ago Thierry purchased an A-Frame chalkboard with regular chalk to advertise his specials. The cafe was looking for a sidewalk sign to draw people in. As some would know, the weather in Oregon is usually rainy, so you could imagine what his A-frame board looked like on those rainy days!  As Theirry said, “Every time it rained it got washed away or on nice busy days, some kids would brush their fingers and ruined the nice hand writing.”  The Little River Cafe needed waterproof chalk markers.  They just had no idea they were even available.

Cafe Sign with Waterproof Chalk Markers

Thierry was ready to give up and buy a completely different frame that he could use with markers. Then he came across our website, and couldn’t be happier.  “Not only you can use them on real chalkboards, they are truly weather resistant, the Oregon weather has proved it. The rain actually makes them even shinier… proof that it works!” Waterproof Zig markers will only wash off with an ammonia based cleaner. This resulted in no worries about the rain or kids wiping off his sign. Theirry even overheard a couple walking by talking about the Pumpkin Spice latte. It was advertised on his sign and they walked right in to order. If the chalk he had been using had been wiped off, the customers might have never stopped in to taste the delicious drink.

Cohas and the Little River Cafe

At Cohas Marker and Chalkboard Systems are happy that we were able to provide him a waterproof chalk markers. It was a bonus to keep his beautiful sidewalk sign and save him from having to buy a whole new product.  We appreciate the time Theirry took to write to us and wish him the best with his cafe!

Let us know how you use our products. When you share your story we will give you a $15.00 off coupon for your next purchase!

About the Cafe; Little River Café proudly serves breakfast, sandwiches, salads, & all-natural hamburgers, each made to order with the freshest ingredients; along with Oregon-famous Umpqua Ice cream, coffee & espresso drinks from long-time local roaster K & F who won the 2013 Best Cup of Oregon, as well as micro-brewed beers and Northwest wines. They use Portland French Bakery breads & buns for our sandwiches and toasts and we also offer gluten free options from Franz Bakehouse.

Located on the Willamette’s west bank in RiverPlasce Esplanade in Portland, Oregon,  you will find a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

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