A "Brighten bouquets for $4.99 hand painted chalkboard at Trader Joe's

A "Brighten bouquets for $4.99 hand painted Trader Joe's ChalkboardThe natural style food markets so popular today have plenty of full color old school displays throughout the aisles.  Trader Joe’s Chalkboard Art creates a 3D paradise pulling you into the shopping experience. You would think these detailed and colorful displays were created in some Madison Ave studio, you would be wrong!

Where and Who Makes Trader Joe’s Chalkboard Art

Stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, similar to many local markets use entry level help.  They hire high school and college students to stock shelves and run the cash registers.  They then seek out, or the young budding artists even asks, “Can I try making a display for the flower shop?”  Who says the job description has to be fixed to stocking shelves all day!

Popular at these type of markets are the metallic markers in both waterproof and wet wipe.  Providing great highlights, they lay down on the boards very well and are easy to remove when it is time to change.  The “Brighten bouquets” image shows a great example of how these pop.  This happens when the light hits the foil graphic created with the metallic marker.

Need some inspiration? Check out this remarkable artwork from “sueisem” who is an artist but has a day job at Trader Joe’s.

“The Trader Joe’s Chalkboard artwork is created between running the cash register and helping customers at the store.” she said when we spoke.  We asked if paint markers or chalk were used and the response was both! We love using a little mixed medium here at our Cohas Chalkboard Systems Studios nothing wrong with that.  Though all these designs could be created exclusively with our paint marker pens, plus you can always use a brush to blend colors.  You can see this in action here in our Cohas DIY section, read “Mixed Tools Chalkboard Art Using Brushes” to learn more.

Her Trader Joe’s Chalkboard Artwork

Check out the use of highlights, gradations and shadows to create a 3D effect in the video samples.  Lettering combined with bright colors with plenty of energy abound in her images.  So popular, people contact “sueisem” to see if she will create artwork for their store, market or event.

In the video you will see some outdoor images, no worries as the chalk markers offered here on Cohas Chalkboard Systems come it two styles.  Wet-wipe that can be removed with water and waterproof that can only be removed with a high pH cleaner like Windex with ammonia.  As a mater of fact most our Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s Chalkboard artists use the Waterproof versions. Used in the produce sections of the market standing up to the water spray used on the vegetables.  Use these links to buy our Waterproof Markers or Wet-Wipe Markers used at these markets.

Trader Joe's Chalkboard Artist, suisem

Try your hand at some “Old Style” artwork one of a kind promotion for your product or event. This artist, also places flower orders for Trader Joe’s not surprising what a great eye, and outstanding artwork!

Contact “sueisem” through the YouTube link or click on her image above to connect through Google Plus. 

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