Chalkboard Sign Zig Posterman Paint Pots in 12 Colors great for DIY Projects

There are many different reasons to create beautiful, fun and quirky signs and many types of medium to use. This video is of John Neal, a chalkboard artist in the United Kingdom.  He  is creating a sign to thank his fans with a Chalkboard Sign for helping him reach one thousand followers on YouTube.

John uses 3 different colors of Zig Posterman Markers for his sign- white, red, and black, in the 30mm size tip. He squeezes a little of each paint into a container to use them with a paint brush. He also mixes together a little white and red to make pink.

Thank You Chalkboard Sign

John starts by using the white Zig Posterman paint with a paint brush to write out the words “There is No” and underneath he writes the words “THEM & US” in block lettering. He goes back to the words at the top to touch them up and add in a little shading. Going back to the words “THEM & US”, he uses his paint brush dipped in red paint this time, painting in the top one third of each letter. He quickly uses a hairdryer to dry the red before continuing. Next, he uses some of the pink paint he mixed up to paint more letters before painting the last with white.

ALERT New Product for Making a Chalkboard Sign

FChalkboard Sign Paint Pots in 12 New Colorsor years John Neal has been “milking” Zig Posterman waterproof markers to obtain the chalkboard paint from them.  In January of 2017 we now have available Zig Posterman Paint Pots!
These paint pots are a collection of liquid chalk paints that come in many different colors. Each pot contains same premium quality ink found in the Zig Posterman Waterproof markers.  Manufactured and imported from Kuretake Co of Japan. The paint provides a quality liquid ink for your artwork that can be used pure, or mixed together for your own unique colors! They can be used on all Cohas products, as well as classic chalkboards, plastic, metal, glass, and more.

Available in 12 colors including some of the favorites used by chalkboard artists at Whole Foods.  Salsa Verde, English Cucumber, Buttercup and more ready for your brushwork!

When he finishes painting the block letters he uses a smaller white Zig Posterman Marker, but this time re-outline and fill in some spots. He then takes a black 2mm woodcraft marker to separate the the letters. Since the chalkboard is black, John is able to go over any mistakes he might have made.

Before finishing, John adds just a couple more details. He uses his paint brush again with a little more white paint to create two stars. He does this by painting a small circle and smudging the paint with his finger and adding a few criss-crossed lines to become stars.

Be sure to watch the video below to see the techniques John Neal used for his sign.

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