Cohas Milestone and Memories is a complete line of products for your family. Because our customers were looking for a high quality product, we listened, and began manufacturing our unique and quality milestone boards.  Our in house artist, using real chalk markers, developed 100’s of illustrations, using ideas from our customers. Furthermore, being high quality, easy to use, and loads of fun, having one of our milestone boards at your next family celebration will result in making it a special occasion full of memories.

High Quality recycled wood are used when making Cohas milestone and memory boards.

Made out of recycled wood and are durable.

Additionally, all of our products are 100% made in America from the materials, to the original art designs, to the manufacturing. Our boards are made from sustainable recycled wood materials, durable,  and our inks are certified safe for hospitals and schools.

Many Different Milestone and Memories Themes! Many Coordinating Products to Choose From!

The Cohas Milestone Board line offers baby, birthday, back to school, wedding, and fur baby themed boards. Even more, some of the boards have two variations, one adult, one for a child, and are perfect to commemorate your family’s celebration photo shoots. In addition, we offer our customers the choice of different markers sets.  We also offer many coordinating products that use the same artwork, for instance; banners, fabric repositionable decals, and so much more!  Resulting in high quality products that your family can reuse for months or years.

Artwork on the Cohas Milestone and Memories family

Hand draw chalk art images created by Cohas in-house artists to celebrate family Milestones and Memories

Living in Tax Free New Hampshire.

We live, work, and play in the farms and foothills of New Hampshire, and are located just 45 minutes north of Boston. We are close to the seacoast, the mountains. Therefore with nature abound, inspiring viewsheds, and activities resulting in a spark in our imaginations, we thrive on giving our customers the best milestone boards available.

We have to admit, that the matrix of chalk art themes, along with the products we have developed, has caught us by surprise. Because it all happens day by day, one animal or illustration at a time. Additionally, the requests come in from all over the United States and Canada. In fact, with over 20 themes consisting of more than a hundred animals, illustrations, and accessories, Cohas Milestone and Memories will capture your milestone.

Check Out Our Social Media.  New Ideas and Products are Always Being Announced!

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Watch our memory and milestone theme video.  We are sure that you’ll find a theme best for you.  Additionally, if you see something that is missing for your celebration, reach out and contact us.  We appreciate our customers, and we are here to help!

Most importantly, you pay no sales tax on orders from our Cohas website.

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Selecting the right chalk art mediums for your project can be a difficult decision. Finding a quality product with the right surface is important. Because of the variety of chalk art mediums, it is important to determine if the substrate you are using is porous or nonporous.

Choose from nine sizes and five color combinations of the country craft framed chalkboards and chalk art mediums. Sizes offered are 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 16x20, 18x24, 20x24, 22x28, 24x30, and 24x36. Colors include black, blue, green, red, and cherry. Contact us if you unable to find your desired style.

Porous Versus Nonporous

Porous surfaces allow the passing through of water, liquid, or vapor. Pigment from the markers could get absorbed when using porous chalkboards. These types of surfaces include chalkboard painted surfaces, wood, paper, and cardboard.

Nonporous surfaces will not absorb water and liquids. Nonporous surfaces like chalkboard labels, mirrors, glass, glazed ceramic, slate, metals, laminates, and some plastics, will result in liquid chalk being easier to remove.

Therefore, always test your liquid chalk markers on a small portion of your medium to see if they are right for your project.

Cohas Chalk Art Mediums for DIY Projects at Home, Weddings and Businesses

Strawberries drawn on Choas Eco BoardsThe Cohas Standard Chalkboards are quality boards with a texture resembling antique chalkboards. These Eco boards have a nonporous barrier, so that the liquid chalk markers will remove easily and thoroughly. They come framed or unframed and in many different sizes. Therefore, they are perfect for use in homes and businesses at parties, weddings and events!

Leave unframed and prop on an easel or choose your own frame to mount the board in.  In addition, we offer many other products that can be used for weddings, parties and home organization; all made right here in America!

Using Cohas Eco chalkboards, our artists were able to create farm market images of strawberries, apples, and pears with the waterproof 6mm markers.  Our artists also used the Zig Illumigraph markers, which are highly fluorescent and suitable for lighted signs.  These markers work with a black light and glow when light reflects or passes through them.

Creative Project Ideas and Unique Mediums

DIY Christmas Ornaments using Zig Posterman Waterproof Markers

Our artists at are always trying to use the Cohas Color Collection for fun projects.  The latest project involved drawing on clear plastic ornaments with the 1mm waterproof metallic gold and white markers. The flecks in the metallic paint sparkled in the lights of the tree and are nice and opaque.

Additionally, one of our artists used a metallic marker and painted on one side of a piece of acrylic glass.  The result is a colorful shiny background that can be easily cleaned with Windex.  Artists can also use spray paint to complete the same effect on the back, but that would create a more permanent background on your mediumPaint markers used on clear plastic to create a wedding favor.

Finally, Cohas offers chalk artists a wide variety of chalk mediums to create chalk artwork on. This includes our chalkboard label collection, magnet collection, slate and novelty collection, and much more.  For that reason, offers a large selection of wet erase menu board markers, and waterproof chalk markers.  These markers work great for chalk artist.  No doubt has what you are looking for.

Cohas Marker Collection

Cohas Slate Collection

Cohas Label Collection

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Spring has sprung and that means it is time for barbecues! Here in this video, John Neal the sign writer creates a chalkboard for Aubrey Allen Butcher’s using markers and paint.  The Zig Posterman Chalkboard Art will bring customers in much more than a machine printed poster on a sandwich board.  While customers may be interested in the tasty BBQ offered by Aubrey Allen the Butcher, they will also stop and admire unique chalkboard art more often than you may think.

Starting the Zig Posterman Chalkboard Art Project

First, John added the letters “BBQ” to the board with a light pencil mark. In our studios we like to use a Violet Zig Illumigraph marker because it can be removed by rubbing when you are done or by using a damp cloth. After, John uses a 30mm White Zig Posterman marker for the base, adding color on top of once it drys. You can use a hair dryer, or if it is a nice day like in this video it will air dry very quickly.

Zig Posterman Chalkboard Art Butchers BoardHe then uses a 6mm White Zig Posterman marker for the small lettering. Don’t worry about overlapping where you can use a black marker to clean it up after you are done. John then adds the colors Red, Orange and Yellow to the letters, adding a “firey” affect using a Big and Broad 15mm marker. Starting with red at the top, followed by orange and yellow. While it is still wet, he uses his finger to rub in the colors to smooth out the red to orange. Moving quickly, he adds the yellow and smooths it out into the orange which is also followed by white.

The next step he uses a broad chisel 6mm white and red marker to outline the letters and add affects. The next step, he uses a 15mm Red and White marker to make charcoal under the BBQ. John then uses the Violet Zig Illumigraph marker to add 5 sections of 2 lines for an outline of where he will list the items using a small paint brush, and alternate colors. Notice how he dabs the marker on a flat service to get the paint. To clean up the chalkboard John uses Black paint to make it as good as new!

Learn More!

Interested in learning more about Zig Posterman Chalkboard Art  from John Neal Chalkboard Artist? Visit his Chalkboard Artist Website for a full length downloadable video. Make sure you let him know his friends at Cohas Chalkboard Systems sent you!

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