Paint Markers for Surfboards

Rickland Surfboards did this how to video for using paint markers on a surfboard.  Start with masking the surfboard then fill in your lines.  Paint Markers for Surfboards make a great tool for the job.  Created before the Zig Posterman Biggie markers were widely available Rick uses Posca Markers and the Zig Woodcraft marker.  The Woodcraft marker is the same formulation as Zig Posterman markers providing a semi-permanent mark that can be removed with Windex.  When the board is complete it is painted with a clear coat making it permanent.

As you watch the video think how the Zig Posterman Biggie in 30mm or 50mm, up to 2 inches wide could have speed up the manufacture of this surf board.  To “fix” your image to any piece of three dimensional artwork use an acrylic clear coat.  Spray is recommended, Zig Posterman Paint Markers for Surfboards will not smear when overcoated. No lifting will occur when you add a clear coat.  Mat finish or gloss both work fine it is up to you and what your final application of your artwork may be.

About Rickland Surfboards

Rich Peru native, who established himself in California in 1997, which sparked his shaping interest.

His operation has developed into one of California’s premier shapers with a unique personal touch that is felt in each one of his shapes.

Rich also does all of the artwork for Rickland Surfboards. Recognized for his personal style and creative mind that is unleashed in the paint pen and stencil designs.

Customizing your own ideas onto your surfboard, either art or shape designs, Rickland is proud of its personal approach to each surfer.

Visit the Rickland Surfboard website for more information on his products and passion for surfing and life!

We have 50 colors and 9 sizes to chose from here exclusively in the Cohas Chalkboard Systems and markers Store.  Imagine what artwork you could create with your hands!

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