Picture of a college Team Logo on the back of car window

What better way to show support for your favorite sports team than by writing on your car? With Zig Posterman markers, creating unique and fun designs on your windows is easy. And the markers won’t rub or wash off without glass cleaner, letting your designs last for weeks at a time!

Before letting your creativity shine, be sure follow these steps:

  • Clean the area you’ll be writing on. This ensure the markers have a smooth surface to write on, keeps the markers clean, and prevents the designs from becoming sloppy.
  •  Plan what you want to say and how it will fit on the window. You want people to focus on your message and not the fact that the letters on one side of the window are much larger and better spaced than on the other side.

Be sure to watch this great video featuring John Neal, a professional chalkboard artist, as he draws on his own car window to demonstrate the ease and versatility of these waterproof markers. Then watch how easily the markers wash right off with the right cleaner!

Posterman Markers Used on the Car Window

Zig Posterman waterproof markers feature an opaque liquid chalk ink that will not wash off with just water. They are perfect for lettering and designs that may be exposed to moisture or left outside. Use these markers on your chalkboard labels, outdoor signs, black and whiteboards, store windows, cars, and much more.

The markers’ waterproof ink means it will not wash off with just water. To clean the ink, use a cleaner with ammonia, like Windex or kitchen cleaner. Allow the surface to fully dry before reapplying markers.

Waterproof markers are easy to use. Shake the marker well before opening. Prime the marker by holding it vertically against a scrap material and pushing down. This will depress the tip into the barrel, allowing it fill. Hold for approximately 10 seconds and release. It may take several tries to allow the ink to flow. Once filled, the tip may need to be refilled occasionally. Use extra care not to prime the marker at an angle; only push straight down on the marker.

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