With summer upon us, many are taking to the outdoors to get their gardens, veggies, and flowerbeds ready. Warm weather means gardening and transferring potted plants to new locations. As your gardens grow, so should your methods of marking your budding plants. Cohas slate garden stakes are a wonderful addition to any garden or flowerbed.

Our garden stakes are made with solid slate stone mined right here in New England. One style features a real wooden stake mounted to a square slate piece, while the other is a solid piece of slate to drive into the turf. Each slate piece offers plenty of room for you to write your plant species.

What’s Trending

Magazines like Country Living, and even Pinterest, are calling “extreme naturalism” one of the hottest gardening trends of 2017. This trend incorporates natural elements, like stone, boulders, and overgrown hedges to gardens.

The trend was also one of the top themes at the Chelsea Flower Show in England this May. Winner of Best Show Garden and a gold medal winner, James Basson designed a Malta-themed garden reminiscent of extreme naturalism. “The message behind the designer’s creation is that humans need to take action to preserve the fragile environment of our planet.” The Chelsea Flower Show is considered the place to see cutting-edge garden design, new plants, and find ideas to take home.

Get the Look

You can achieve extreme naturalism while organizing and maintaining your garden. Stone and wood stakes keep them as an afterthought, but allow you to write plant names and special instructions on them. Because they are made from real, natural materials, they will blend seamlessly into your bushes, flowerbeds, and plants.

Slate garden stakes are available in two styles and many sizes. Choose from stakes that feature both wood and slate, or select from three sizes of solid slate stakes. The wood and slate stakes come with a 4-inch square slate piece permanently bonded to a wood stake made from a sustainable harvested wood. Solid stakes are cut into small, medium, and large stakes with a pointed tip for easier driving into the ground.

Tried and Tested

Sharon Carson, gardener and Cohas customer, bought a set of the wood and slate stakes a couple of years ago. After two garden cycles, she stated that the stakes have held up well and she will be looking to buy more to add to her garden. “I love using them. No longer do you have to deal with flimsy plant markers that are too small and can only be used once,” she said.

“They add whimsy to the garden while serving a nice purpose. The top of the stake is large enough to include lots of information that won’t get washed off! I use both the front and the back. On the front, I mark what I’ve planted. And on the back side I keep information about when to fertilize, and other important information,” she added.

How to Get Slate Garden Stakes

Blank slate garden stakes are available in our online store. Or, check out our selection of painted garden stakes on Amazon Handmade. Each stake is hand painted by a chalk artist with waterproof chalk markers. The stakes are also sprayed with a protective overcoat. As a result, the slates will feature longer lasting artwork.

Check out the garden stake options here:

  • Set of Solid Slate Garden Stakes

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  • Slate Garden Stakes in a flower bed

    Set of Slate Garden Stakes

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