Create Professional Chalkboard Signs for Your Business

Help your products sell with these versatile, waterproof and easy to use markers! Zig Posterman markers help you create unique and eye-catching professional chalkboard signs for your business that are sure to draw customers in. Signs can be as simple or complex as you’d like, just follow these easy instructions!

Simple Steps to Professional Chalkboard Signs

  1. Plan your sign. Take some time before drawing with the markers to plan what your sign will say. Also imagine what images you might like to include. Simply sketching in pencil on the sign can help you get a feel of how your finished sign will look, while ensuring letter sizes, spacing and design are symmetrical.
  2. Plan which markers you will use. This will allow you to decide if letters, numbers or designs should be thick and bold, or simple and slim.
  3. Prepare the markers. Shake the markers for about one minute each, then press the tip of the marker against a hard surface, to bring the color to the tip of the marker.
  4. Start simple. Begin writing the letters and numbers on the sign, creating the basic outlines. You can add more details once the general design of the sign is completed.
  5. Create your images. If you’re going to add pictures to the sign, start with the basics. Draw the outlines and shapes of the images, then add more details as the design takes shape.
  6. Remember to add small details. If you’re writing on a blackboard, create a simple outline of the letters in white. If you’re creating a sign related to the winter season, add dots of white for snow or sprigs of holly berry.
  7. Don’t worry if you make an error along with way. Simply wipe off the marker before it dries, or use a dab of cleaner on a paper towel to erase errors.

Take a look as professional chalkboard artist shows you more tips and techniques when he creates a sign advertising cocktails using Zig Posterman markers!

Easy to Change Frames

Once you have mastered the art of creating professional chalkboard signs for your business, why not look at the industrial quality Cohas Chalkboard Systems Tabletop or A-frame signs?  With easy to change inserts you can remove and replace them at a moments notice.

Tabletop Displays feature an easy to change chalkboard system, perfect for breweries, bars, wedding venues, restaurants, and even at home. The unique system features a chalkboard that removes easily from the frame. This allows the artwork to be changed quickly, then dropped back into the frame!

Large Displays are perfect for use outside businesses and feature the same easy to change chalkboard system.  This makes for a quality solid wood and steel A-frame sign made right here in America.
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