Zig Posterman Markers Shown with ruler so users can see tip sizes Prime Zig Posterman Marker

Zig Posterman markers come in sizes from a fine tip to a full two inches wide.  They are paint markers filled with a water pigment paint with no odor or volatile organic compounds.  Since they are paint based markers they have a small ball inside the barrel to mix the paint.  They also have a valve at the bottom in order to keep the paint from flowing out of the marker until you need it.  You must prime Zig Posterman marker before it is used.

This video shows the larger markers offered here on the Zig Posterman website.  The two easy steps to starting the marker are demonstrated, shake, press and draw!

Prime Zig Posterman Marker

Before the markers are loaded some closeups of the Zig Posterman Markers are shown. View the HD video at 1080p on full screen to see the tip details.  Note the caps to the top of the markers in the image the large Zigs have white rubber seals that snap around the plastic tip to keep the ink (paint) from drying out once you open and prime your marker.  The Broad and Big & Broad have two-step seals that snap on when you close the cap.

In this video the markers from left to right

The marker used in the priming and drawing demo was an orange 6mm Chisel tip Zig Posterman Marker.

Zig Posterman Markers Shown with ruler so users can see tip sizes

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Instructions for Priming a Zig Posterman Marker

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