Close up of Artist drawing a turtle with a black Zig Posterman Waterproof Paint Marker

Pixel Perfect magazine featured Keren Mack in 2012 using our Zig Posterman Markers Inspiring Creativity with other markers on a wall at municipal facility for youth in Israel.  The giant mural extends the length of the stairwell for over 80 feet.  It includes the whimsical creatures that are in her words, “on a secret mission to inspire creativity and humor in peoples life.”

Posterman Markers Inspiring Creativity, Inspire Young People

As a child Keren once hid her artwork behind doors and the washing machine. This project was commissioned by the city of Tel Aviv it would inspire young people not only to draw but to dream.

Close up of Artist using Posterman Markers Inspiring Creativity drawing a turtle with a black Zig Posterman Waterproof Paint MarkerTaking six days, the challenge was larger than life as she created the entire world of Beavory city. This included schools, gardens, ships, streets, cars all ascending a stairwell in a building supporting young people.

Keren Mack, a designer/illustrator/artist based in Israel. She was born to an Israeli dad and an American mom. As a kid she used to dream about living in Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle and flying to the moon. Intrigued with cartoon characters, she began acquiring miniature collectibles (and eating a lot of kinder eggs along the way), watching cartoons, and playing Nintendo. All this led to a growing desire to bring new characters to life.

Posterman Markers Inspiring Creativity with Keren Mack working on a drawingShe has the travel bug and has been to the USA, Thailand, Portugal, Spain, England, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland and is hoping to go around the world in 80 days. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from High Technology Institute in Israel. But found her most inspiring part of the day was collecting figures, watching Sponge Bob, and doodling.

Keren developed Beavory in Palo Alto, California while working as a nanny and reliving her childhood. She then moved back to Israel where her studio is located. When she isn’t dreaming up new Beavory adventures or teaching  art to children, she is busy sharing her  passion and ideas for unique design as a monthly contributor for 20 Best Twenty.

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Other outstanding inspiration for you with your posterman markers inspiring creativity can come from a visit to the Beavory Blog featuring the art of Keren Mack.

If you are interested in Inspiring Creativity jump over to our Zig Posterman marker store. With 54 colors and 8 sizes it’s hard not to be creative!

If you happen to be in Hawaii the first week in August. Visit the Haiviera Art gallery Bat-Yam between August 2nd through August 23rd 2012.  For a preview of the art read Surfer Writers on the Keren Mack Blog.

All image and design rights reserved and (c) Beavory, Art of Keren Mack


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