A ruller being pulled from a black board just after being used with a Zig Posterman Markers Drawing Reflections

The Cohas.com team is working with some colleges on developing student and teacher kits for schools through the nation.  This got us thinking of a John Neal Video we had stashed away.  He was using Zig Posterman markers drawing reflections on his chalkboard. When we first saw it we were reminded of our lakes region here in New Hampshire, Cohas Chalkboard Systems is one of the largest stocking distributors for Zig Posterman products throughout the United States and other countries is located right here in the Granite State.

While the main reason is the state has no sales tax, outstanding for eCommerce and easy for you as a customer. This is also a beautiful place to live work and play. But back to “Reflections” using Zig Posterman Markers.

Chalkboard Art Markers Drawing Reflections

A simple and quick technique, this video first shows the word “Reflection” done with a 15mm Big and Broad white Zig waterproof paint marker.  The image is drawn over to enhance the letters.  Not a problem since the Waterproof Zig Posterman paint markers will not lift once dry. A little known secret is to do touch up with a smaller marker when you are done. The 6mm chisel tip or the 2mm bullet tip work great for this.

Tip! Note the guidelines drawn lightly on the board with a small marker.  Use a chalk or wet erase Zig, so you can remove them and not affect your lettering.


A thumb full of paint, just about ready to smear a blackboard with Zig Posterman Markers Drawing ReflectionsThe next step is to put extra white on the bottom of your Letters while they are wet, pull out your best tool, your thumb! Then pull down the markers to create the illusion of a reflection. You will need to touch up the marks above the baseline, the bottom of the letters, but this can be done with a black Zig.

Watch the magic in this video when John draws a black line across his smeared white Zig Posterman Big and Broad marks creating the instant illusion of a reflection!

A ruller being pulled from a black board just after being used with a Zig Posterman Paint Marker

Why not join other artists creating Chalkboard art for Stores, Markets, Clubs, Restaurants, Bars and Original Displays. After all “Old School is New. With Zig Posterman Markers!

Need more help? View our other DIY Application Stories and videos or visit John Wren to order his online download of training materials for Chalkboard Art!

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