Two Zig Posterman markers shown with an example of how they can be used with tape

Through the magic of social networking and the Cohas Chalkboard Systems United States testing Laboratories we can answer this question.  Paint Markers On Tape do they work?

Yes Chalk Markers and Paint Markers Work on Tape!

In a casual exchange with a regional social networking maven known as @MackNH on twitter, he is known for finding solutions.  Why not, in radio for decades he knows about customer service and responding to the needs of your customers. 

The question came from “Cash from Your Craft” a popular blog that helps you to Follow along and share how Ralph Bagnall has marketed his hobby to create some extra income.

Pitching an idea to RustOLeum trying to come up with a chalk board tape line it did not look like a special product would be needed by Cohas Chalkboard Systems and the other Lab Technicians here in New Hampshire.  After all, Zig Posterman Markers work on chalkboards and with Chalk Board Painted items as well as any non-porous surface so a solution must be close at hand.

Checking out “Cash From Your Craft” he has done some nice cabinets with blackboard faces.  Our Cohas engineers could not help but think what a great surface this would be for our semi-permanent markers.

Paint Markers On Tape, Duct Tape

No problem with “Zigs” on the custom chalkboard tape seen in this video.  We tested that, just spray paint with “Chalk Board” paint on any brand of painters tape, then use a Zig Posterman Marker to write your name or design on the tape.  Unlike chalk, you will find the semi permanent marker will not smudge off or be affected by moisture.  It will still look like chalk too!


Our testing of paint markers on tape brought us to a roll of Gorilla Tape in the lab.  The paint markers went down with no problem, and could even be removed.  That has us wondering what applications Zig Paint Markers on Gorilla Tape have…  Could be our readers and customers will come up with some new ideas.

A yellow design on Black Duct Tape, coming off on removal.

We did find if you removed the tape after painting on it the marker flaked off.  So be sure to apply your Gorilla Tape first then add your Zig Posterman Paint Marker decoration.’

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