Pengin in blue Paint Markers on a Ice Cream Storefront Window in France

The window paintings of DAfrOg’s aRtwOrk are amazing. While these snowmen won’t melt when it get’s warm they are removed from time to time. As David Frontin, the hand behind the said recently on Facebook, “The thing that motivates me is that as these decorations are temporary and will be removed in a short time and the challenge is to do better every time.”  Paint marker window art can be easy to do but it does take some planning.

David Frontin working on Paint Marker Window Art with Zig Posterman Markers from

DAfrOgs Sketchbook Snowman

Before and After, DAfrOg like most artists like to sketch up the concepts first. You can often see it taped to the glass while they work.

While we don’t have a shot of David you can head over to his Facebook Page DAfrOg’s aRtwOrk and see his illustration Icon clearly a caricature of himself. No worries anyways, since likely this view is the one you will see of him most often. His back to the crowd, focused and working an another storefront window.

Paint Marker Window Art on the Move!

We chased “DAfrOg” from France to England this December.  We were trying to arrange his latest delivery of Zig Posterman markers from us. In the end we had the package delivered to his home base in Trois Mares Reunion, France.  He told us he works with traditional art materials but finds that the Zig Posterman waterproof markers are faster and can allow him to do more windows in a shorter amount of time.

David said it all in his January cover photo, “I’ll have your windows decorated anywhere in the world.”

In the store front image the artist is using a 2mm bullet tip marker. Bullet tip markers are perfect for adding medium waterproof lines and lettering to your storefront artwork chalkboards, whiteboards, and other nonporous surfaces. Waterproof ink won’t run or wash away, perfect for using indoors or out on glass, plastic, metal, stone and more! We offer 23 colors here on the Cohas Chalkboard Systems website.


DAfrOgs snowmen running across the Paint Marker Window Art of a Ice Cream Parlor in France done with Paint Markers


Snowmen Running Across Paint Marker Window Art in France

Pengin in blue Paint Markers on a Ice Cream Storefront Paint Marker Window Art in France

DAfrOg’s Penguin says “Don’t worry, Everyone will get some!” as the snowmen rush to the Ice Cream shop in France


We recommend you “Like Him” we do literally when it comes to getting his shipments over the pond!  You never know what characters will pop up on his windows and inspire you or your artist to do a little promotion with markers from Cohas Chalkboard Systems!  Or give him a call! We are sure for the right amount of funding and a plane or train ticket he would be happy to bring a smile to your storefront.

Like to try your hand at paint marker window art?  Do what David does, order online view all the colors in our Chalkboard Systems Collection.  Ships same day, to your address in the United States or most other places in the world.  In case we have to chase you around like we do David.

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