A white board backlit, with a Zig Posterman Orange marker tracing around a red plastic tree Paint Marker Template

Not artistic? You can always grab standard household objects or even items from around the office to trace with your Zig Posterman Paint Markers.  Working on a video about how different marker types are cleaned off a white board surface staff members in the studio got thinking.  What could we use for a paint marker template?

Well it is Christmas Time!

One was an artist Kris, classically trained in the arts but normally does computer artwork today.  Much of the artwork on the website are her design, we hope you enjoy them.

Drawing some circles freehand, the picture of Cohas has lots of circles in it eyes, nose, and the mouth.  We asked Jacklynn to do a circle, Jacklynn is an author and does programming for Cohas.com.  She created the predecessor Zig Posterman Marker website.  Much more at home coding eCommerce websites however, not thrilled with drawing pictures.

Kris cleaning an art board with circle draw with a Zig Posteman Marker

Note how Kris is using a paper towel, spraying Expo white board cleaner on the towel to do a neat job cleaning. She was trying to avoid removing the Cohas Cartoon logo drawn on the same white board.

Kris came up with the idea to trace a CD to make a nice clean circle, so off she went to demonstrate.  The first try smeared when she pulled up the disk.  Since the shoot was for “how to remove” Paint Markers from a white board we had some Expo White Board cleaner on hand.  Off went the Circles both hand drawn and with the CD.

Orange Zig Posterman Marker held in a woman's hand with a red grunge shirt filling in a orange Christmas treeThis time she lifted the disk a little more carefully and left a fine lined clean circle. Off to the prop cabinet we came up with a Christmas tree cookie cutter for a paint marker template. This time it was Jacklynn’s turn to create the chalk art tree.  She started out tracing the inside, but it quickly became clear that would not work so well.  So she drew a line on the outside of the cutter.  No problems with clean up.  Just use window cleaner to remove the Zig Posterman Paint from the cookie cutter after it is dry.

Filling in the tree, she was quite proud of her work, until we mentioned that trees are not typically orange this time of year but green.

Next Step?

Grab some Zig Posterman markers along with some everyday household items and start your designs today! Pick a window, counter top, whiteboard, blackboard or any surface that will not soak the ink in.  You will always be able to remove it with an ammonia based cleaner.

Looking for more design ideas, cruse the chalkboard artwork on pintrest, or head over to our Inspiration Gallery here on the Cohas Chalkboard and Marker Systems website.

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