Paint Marker Skateboard Art by Nate Lopez "N8" with Zig Posterman Markers

With a variety of uses for Zig Posterman markers, it’s no wonder new ways to use them are always being discovered. The waterproof paint markers are great for signs and windows. They are also be used to personalize a variety of things, from sneakers to headphones. Just take if from Nate from Albuquerque, NM, a graffiti artist who uses his skills to create a Paint Marker Skateboard:

“Hi, my name is Nate. I use your paint markers to draw on the grip tape of my skateboard. I originally saw skateboard art done by pro skateboarder Chad Muska in some old skateboarding videos,” Nate said recently. “After some trial and error with different mediums, I found paint markers to draw on my grip and from there my art and my hobby came together.”

Paint Marker Skateboard

The elaborate designs, Nate says, generally last for about four to five months until he changes out his board. “They tend to fade a little but for the most part they’re very durable. Washing the board off is impossible. Its very hard to remove the design after the Preparing fact.” Despite this, the designs are easily fixed if a mistake is made. “When I mess up the great thing about paint markers is you can just paint right over it.”

Nate says he’s had the same Zig markers for about five years but the grip tape of the skateboard is very hard on the marker tips. “I have found a way to slow this wear and tear. I always suggest you push down the tip of the marker in one spot until you see the paint start to seep out. Once you see this you can cover more area without pushing as hard and this will make the markers last much much longer.”

Paint Marker Skateboard with graffiti art in orange ramp with an eight ball using Zig Posterman Markers

Nate shares his skateboard designs with viewers on YouTube through time-elapsed videos he films while creating his designs. “A typical kawy design like what you see in my videos takes 1 or 2 hours. I actually just filmed my first video to test my camera and people responded much better than I expected.”

An accident in July, 2011 had potential to stop Nate’s skateboarding designs in its tracks. “I broke my wrist in a skateboarding accident. It was a super simple trick but I fell, caught myself wrong, and broke my scaphoid bone in my right wrist. I should mention that I’m right handed and turns out that bone does not have as good as blood supply as most. So 1 surgery, 4 months, and one titanium screw later, I’m working on my latest video.”

Paint Marker Skateboard, Non Stop Action!

Though he has a hard time parting with his new skateboard designs, he would like to sell them.  Nate said the opportunity hasn’t taken off quite yet. “I’ve done many designs for friends and sold a few in town,” he adds.

Be sure to watch one of Nate’s videos and check YouTube for more!

Contact Nate if you have a interest in some of his commissioned artwork!

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