Artists remove Zig Illumigraph paint marker cleanly from a IdeaPaint wall

Don’t color on the walls!” We’ve all heard it before. Either it was said to us, or we were the ones saying it. But now we can hear just the opposite thanks to Zig Posterman markers! These waterproof markers leave a semi-permanent line that will only wash off with cleaner. Now, the kids artwork can last for weeks on the “walls”, but will also wash right off when you’re ready to start over! Just take it from Samantha, of Milford, Utah she held a paint marker party with Cohas Zig Posterman markers.

Zig Tip

Warning, test your wall first! it must be a type of wall that is smooth and not porous. Very glossy paint with a waterproof base works well, mat or even semi-gloss will not.  Drywall will soak in all water based paint markers, this is why chalkboard paint causes ghosting.  A great on the wall solution for message board centers or a play wall for children is the Cohas Chalkflex product.

Twice as thick, eight times stiffer than other chalkboard options. ChalkFlex is an adhesive polymer that features a modern slate gray, textured chalkboard surface. Its unique composition means it is sturdier and thicker than regular vinyl. This allows for a better coverage and ability to hide imperfections and air bubbles, as well as easier application.

In this story Samantha’s children ended up marking the sun room windows.

Paint Marker Party in the Sunroom

“I was throwing a birthday party for my 7 year old son and of course it rained the whole day. We had ten 6- and 7-year old boys running around the house with so much pent up energy. We sat them down with the Zigs we’d just ordered and let them color all over the full-length windows in our sun room. They spent the last two hours of the party coloring. We even had to pry them away to open presents, they just didn’t want to stop!

“The boys’ decorations stayed on the windows for weeks, as a little reminder to my son about how much fun he had at his party. We took some great pictures, too, both during and after the party. I just recently washed the markers off and you wouldn’t even know it was there. And now, my son’s friends’ parents all want to know where they can get Zigs too!”

Try the Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe marker too!  This marker can be washed off with water.  It will also wipe off with a damp cloth on very smooth surfaces.

With all markers you should test your surface in a inconspicuous location before marking the wall.  Most paints recommend 2-4 weeks dry time before washing, always follow manufactures instructions.

For professional results consider Ideapaint a special surface for your wall that works like a white board.  Read IdeaPaint and Zig’s Unconventional Art for an extreme application!

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