Lettering "UFO" and a spaceship with a green alien drawn with liquid chalk markers on a small chalkboard that has a scalloped edge frame.Beginner chalkboard artist Kristin Steed recently completed two commissioned projects using her newly purchased Zig Posterman markers. The first, a set of small signs, found her creating western and southwestern images. While the second was a larger sign for a local bistro.  The projects have lead to a possible new chalkboard business venture for the artist.

Choosing the Right Markers

Steed used both Zig Posterman Waterproof and Zig Illumigraph markers for the projects. “I’ve recently purchased 17 waterproof markers from Cohas,” she explained. Being the first time using the waterproof markers, she was very pleased with the results. “The colors were vivid and the chalk ink was easy to apply with the 6mm chisel tips.”

She also used Zig Illumigraph markers for lettering on the bistro sign.

Creating The Projects

For both chalkboard projects, care and planning was important to make sure they came out successful. “I was able to lightly sketch my image and lettering with a #2 pencil onto the sign surface. Then, I simply applied the chalk marker on top to create an outline and fill with color,”Steed explained.

The smaller project was a set of eight door signs. They were hung in classrooms in a learning center in Albuquerque, NM. They featured iconic western and southwestern images.

The second project was for a local bistro that had opened the previous October. “They’d asked me to write their coffee options on a sandwich board. This next task was considerably larger.” First, Steed measured lines and the board center of a 36-inch by 36-inch board, creating a base and cap height for each line of text. Here, she used the Zig Illumigraph markers to letter the bistro’s summer salad menu.

Framed chalkboard sign with bright liquid chalk paint lettering hangs at the counter of a bistro. The sign sparks the desire for Steed to begin a new chalkboard business venture.“Once the sign was hung, I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the print was readable from the far corners of the bistro.”

New Chalkboard Business Venture

Steed said that, prior to these two projects, her practice with chalkboard lettering and art was used for in-home projects. “All of my experience has been with the DIY chalkboard that hangs over my kitchen sing which I change seasonally.” The commissioned projects may have sparked a new business venture for her, though. “I already have another request for a service menu for a local salon. Consequently, it’s time to order more markers and consider growing a new business.”

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