Standard 12 by 16 Inch Magnetic Backed Chalkboard

This magnetic backed chalkboard is a 12 inch by 16 inch blackboard. It sticks to any surface a magnet can be used on. Great for kitchen refrigerators, office furniture or any steel item. The magnetic surface is not thin magnetic tape it is .030 thick the strongest kitchen magnetic sheeting available. The surface is a easy to clean mat black blackboard surface that can be used with any brand chalk markers.

The chalkboard can be used landscape or portrait, it can be cut with a sharp knife to other sizes or shapes if needed.

Both Waterproof Zig Posterman, Wet-Wipe and Zig Illumigraph markers can be used on the 12 x 16 Cohas Chalkboard. To clean waterproof markers use Windex or mild kitchen cleaner, to remove wet-wipe or Illumigraph Chalk Markers use a damp cloth or sponge.

Black Cohas Magnetic Chalkboard marked with Chalkmarker on a stainless steel refrigerator showing the school lunch, marker removes with damp cloth looks like chalk

What is a Cohas Magnetic Backed Chalkboard?

The 12 x 16 Cohas magnetic chalkboard is a composite blackboard that is manufactured to be compatible with Zig Posterman, Zig Illumigraph and other chalk markers.

The board is available in a number of configurations useful for many different applications. The soft looking blackboard finish is easy to clean and reuse over and over again. Zig Illumigraph and Zig Posterman Wet-Wipe clean off with water. A soft cloth that is damp or a sponge works best. The Zig Posterman Waterproof can be removed with Windex, or nonabrasive kitchen cleaner or our Zig Posterman Blackboard cleaner.

Unique applications are possible using the waterproof markers with other markers. An example is a chart with lines that stay on. While the wet-wipe can be your information like chores to do that come off with a damp cloth.

Each order comes with your choice of marker kits. Markers have a chisel tip that is 6mm on the wide side (1/4 inch) and a fine point tip good for lettering.

Looking for Another Size or Style Magnetic Backed Chalkboard?

Cohas Magnetic Chalkboards are chalkboard and whiteboard products that come in many different types. They are perfect for turning surfaces into message boards and magnetic faces, keeping track of appointments, and much more! They provide a quality chalkboard surface for your artwork and attract or stick to a variety of surfaces. Because of their versatility, they can be used virtually anywhere and for anything!

Cohas Chalkboard Calendars are magnetic backed blackboard and whiteboard calendars that come in many different varieties. Great for office or home they are available in blackboard or whiteboard styles.

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