Ricardo Godoy loves creating liquid chalk art paintings. He uses Cohas chalk pens to create impressionist and still life images that he proudly frames and hangs on his walls.

Returning to Hobbies

The 56-year-old was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease twenty years ago. Godoy worked as an International Consultant, but was unable to continue working in 2014. Since then, he has returned to hobbies that he enjoyed over the years. He now spends his days painting.

Liquid Chalk Art Paintings

Upon picking up his old hobbies, Godoy discovered Zig Posterman chalk pens. He found that he loves working with them. “They are fabulous for the kind of paintings I do,” said Godoy. “I just want to show you some of them.”

Godoy completes the paintings on chalkboard surfaces and frames the boards. Then, he hangs and displays them around his home. Godoy’s paintings feature lifelike still art and impressionist styles.

Be sure to scroll through the images below to see Godoy’s liquid chalk art paintings!

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