A custom artwork shoe with Zig Posterman Marker Sneaker Art on Converse Sneakers

Quite a few artists out there looking on the internet for how to make custom footwear.  Creating marker sneaker art is not as hard as you may think! So what are the steps and how do you do it?

We have published in the past some of Bobsmade art showing how they use Zig Posterman and other paints and art tools.  Our Cohas chalk marker and paint marker experts offer help on Yahoo Answers quite often providing pointers on just how it is done.

You will find that paint markers are a great tool for sneaker art since they are easy to control, the right size and come in dozens of colors.  Through careful use and blending you can create graduations and highlights that give your sport shoes a professional look.

A custom artwork shoe with Zig Posterman Markers on Converse Sneakers


This tutorial done by Bobsmade will provide you with step by step information on how to make your own “Chucks” from start to finish.

Why do they call them Chucks?

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded in Malden Massachusetts. This is just about 45 minutes from our Cohas Chalkboard Systems and Marker lab and distribution center. In 1917 they designed a sneaker called the All Stars.

In 1921 the basket ball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor joined a team sponsored by the company.  Called The Converse All Stars, as part of the companies marketing campaign Chuck Taylor would travel to high schools and hold basketball clinics that ended up selling the sports shoes.

By the 1960’s “Chucks” were warn by 90% of college and professional basketball players.

Step by Step Marker Sneaker Art

The simple clean pallet of the base sneaker makes a great base for your artwork.  Here are the simple steps.

  • Clean your canvas making them fuzz free, use some sticky tape to do this.
  • Remove the laces.
  • Sketch out your design on paper for your marker sneaker art.
  • Copy the sketch outline to your sneaker with a 1mm or 6mm chisel tip Zig.
  • Fill the spaces we like to use the same marker always start with white or your lightest color.
  • Let dry, while useing Zig Posterman Waterproof about 4-5 minutes, if traditional acrylic paint at least one hour between layers.
  • Remember metallic and Fluorescent are a great option and available in the Zig Posterman Product line, great for highlights.
  • When Dry lace them up with complimentary color laces.
  • A 1mm Zig Posterman marker works great for creating highlights, colors can go over each other when dry, no bleeding or lifting of the artwork.
  • A coat of clear varnish or spray acrylic over your finished artwork will preserve your design.

That’s it!  Now get out and share your artwork with the world!  Like to view the entire photographic tutorial on creating your own custom “Chucks” visit the Bobsmade website.  Custom Chucks Tutorial


Markers that work best for footwear art include 1/2 mm, 1mm, 2mm and 6mm.

All in stock orders ship in 12 hours or less!

1/2 mm Waterproof Markers.

1mm Waterproof Markers.

2mm Waterproof Markers.

6mm Waterproof Markers.

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