Holiday Window Chalk Art Zig Shows Love this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, Cohas Chalkboard Systems wanted to share with you this great video he found featuring our favorite “over-the-seas” artist, John Neal. Watch as John uses both the 50mm, that’s 2-inch wide, and 15mm, about 5/8-inch wide, Zig Posterman pink, red, and white markers to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day message on a Florist’s storefront window.  This holiday window chalk art is easy to do if you watch and learn.  John Neil has full length video lessons to download, click the link at the end of the story for more information.

Holiday Window Chalk Art on Glass

Using a pink Biggie 50 John Neal starts with the word “Valentine’s” with a 2 inch tip it makes quick work of the large text on the window.  Though the shading to the letters has a nice look to it he goes over the strokes for a more opaque appearance.  Posterman paint markers do not lift once dry, this is a great feature.  Especially for those of you starting out with Holiday window chalk art.

Needing a drop shadow on the window the artist pulls a red 15mm with a 5/8 inch tip out of his box of markers.  A nice compliment to the 2 inch wide main text it provides a 3D look to the display.  This is especially prevalent since he has pulled out the color of the window frame on the storefront of the florist.

You have to tell people what to do!

Often forgotten the key is to get the customer to take action! The music is a bit loud but at about 3 minutes in the video copyrighting advice. “You have to tell people what to do!” in this case, “Order your flowers.”

Hidden Trick

Look closely in the video when the artist adds “Monday 14th February” to the window.  Using a pink 15mm marker, with his wrist fixed, it makes a nice calligraphy style cursive font.  But that’s not the trick! Notice when the “th” on the date is made he uses the same pen. The corner of the marker tip makes a nice thin line.  Our story “Technical Details, Zig Posterman 15mm tip details” provides some closeup images of this tip and further details.

Using a 50 mm inch biggie this time, quick ribbons are made. Highlights are added to give a yet another 3D look to the holiday window chalk art.  This is not covered in the video, we would recommend that you seek him out.  Simply head over to his website Jwren-Images for two great videos.  Introduction to Chalkboard Art and More chalkboard Art at only $10.00 USD each.  Be sure to let him know Cohas Chalkboard Systems and Zig Posterman sent you!

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