Welcome to our handmade shop. Custom designs are created by our artists on chalkboards, slate, and other unique canvases using acrylic chalk markers. Each item is hand painted to order. This guarantees a truly one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with every order. Many items can also be customized, for a true personalized gift.

Our Handmade Products

What began as a new product venture has turned into a whole selection of handcrafted artwork on unique surfaces. Cohas co-owners Kathy and Steve stumbled upon a slate quarry here in New England. After bringing home some samples, our artists discovered a love for creating chalk art on the stone pieces. As they continue to work with the slates and liquid chalk markers, the more they fall in love with the look and feel of uncommon canvases.

The texture, the feel, the flaky finish, and even the occasional fossils, talk to the artists and provide a strong yet brittle pallet with a powerful impact…

Many of our available works begin with you, our customer. From new artwork suggestions, to customized items and commissioned pieces, our product line continues to grow. Therefore, if you have a need for a custom art piece, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, many of our product ideas feature “how-to” instructions so that you can create the look yourselves. Look for these instructions on the product’s page!

  • Personalized Modern Wedding Hashtag Chalkboard Sign

  • Handmade Unplugged Wedding Chalkboard Sign features a chalkboard that says "Welcome to our Unplugged Wedding" with an image of power cords, as well as small text "(Please turn off your cell phones)"

    Handmade Unplugged Wedding Chalkboard Sign

  • Hand Painted Slate Christmas Ornaments

  • Hand Painted Slate Garden Stakes

  • Hand Painted Farm Market Slate Board

  • Personalized Hand Painted Slate Coaster with Custom Image features an image of a slate coaster with the words "Your Image Here" appearing diagonally in white across the slate.

    Personalized Hand Painted Slate Coaster with Custom Image

  • Steampunk Series Hand Painted Slate Coasters

  • This Personalized Welcome Pineapple Slate Sign comes in three design types and many different customization options. This Welcome Pineapple has an off-white background with a realistic stylized pineapple, green font displaying "Welcome" at the top and "Your Text" at the bottom.

    Personalized Welcome Pineapple Slate Sign

  • Personalized Sunflower and Bees Welcome Slate Sign

  • Personalized Stars and Stripes Rustic American Flag Welcome Slate Sign

  • Large Stars and Stripes Rustic American Flag Welcome Slate Sign

  • Personalized American Flag on Pole Welcome Slate Sign

  • Personalized Summer Flip Flop Sandals Welcome Slate Sign features a pair of pink and blue striped flip flop style sandals with the words "Welcome" and "Your Text" in white font.

    Personalized Summer Flip Flop Sandals Welcome Slate Sign

  • Personalized Winter Cardinal Welcome Slate Sign features a red cardinal perched on a winter branch, with "Welcome" and "Your Text" written out in white font.

    Personalized Winter Cardinal Welcome Slate Sign

  • Personalized Springtime Bunny Rabbit Welcome Slate Sign


Meet the Artists

A variety of artisans complete all the work by hand in our studio. We specifically seek out employees that may be in need of a trade or skill and provide journeymen positions to help them learn, grow and support young families.



Krisy is a graphic designer and artist with several years experience. She began drawing in the early 90’s, and attended a NH college for Graphic Design and Illustration.

Krisy enjoys using chalk markers, pastels, charcoal, and colored pencils. She loves different styles of art, but particularly likes a "sketched" style of drawing, traditional and impressionist artworks, and wood burning. She finds it interesting to watch how all forms of art are created.

When she’s not working on art, Krisy enjoys spending time with her family, kayaking, hiking, and playing board games. She loves capturing memories through a camera or art, and scrapbooking.



Melina is college student who is attending a Boston-based art school. Upon graduation, she aspires to be an illustrator for children’s books. She was the overall winner for District 1 in NH of the 2017 Congressional Art Competition.

Melina‘s favorite mediums are charcoal, pastels, and acrylics. She loves Western cartoon art and anime. She enjoys artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Rembrandt, and Claude Monet.

When she’s not working on art, Melina enjoys playing video games, soccer, and swimming. She loves to visit the Boston Common lawn and draw her surroundings.



Brittany is an artist who is finishing her Fine Arts degree at a NH college. She enjoys painting, sculpting and design and hopes to own her own studio someday.

Brittany draws inspiration from artists like Jean-Michael Basquiat, Vincent Van Gogh, and Frida Kahlo. She enjoys creating steampunk, anime, and other eclectic styles of art. Her favorite mediums are liquid chalk markers and watercolors. She finds it fascinating how integrated art has become into today’s video games, movies, and cartoons.

When Brittany’s not creating new art pieces, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, staying up to date on the newest technologies, and attending Comi-Cons.

Our Handmade Methods

The Artworks

Slate art board with rustic Americana 18-star flag painted with chalk markers, hanging on brick wall next to wooden doorOur artists create the chalk art designs using pigment based acrylic chalk markers. They use a combination of the marker tips, fingers, cloths, and brushes to create different effects on the canvases. Because the artwork is hand painted, the artists always sign their work and it is never machine printed. Finally, each item is sprayed with a matte overcoat, to ensure weatherproofing and longevity.

Personalized items are made to order. When necessary, our artists and customers work together to ensure the finished piece is exactly as they wish. Samples and example images can be sent for proofing before the artist paints and finishes the product.

The Canvases

Our most popular canvas with both artists and customers is our slate tiles. The slate features an organic gray surface that provides a unique background for artwork. Mined in a quarry in New England, the slate is cut into roofing tiles prior to arriving at our studio. Once here, the pieces are hand-cut into two sizes – 8 by 12 inch or 4 by 4 inch – using primitive tools of the trade.

Our composite chalkboards create another unique surface for art. The boards feature a textured gray surface that complements the chalk art well. Chalkboards are manufactured with materials sourced right here in America. Our textured ChalkFlex chalkboard material is bonded to hardboard and cut to sizes that will fit in most standard frames.

Because we manufacture the canvases in-house, custom sizes are available upon request.