Round and Rectangle Labels fit kamenstein and CS Household Spice Jars

Cohas labels are a great tool for organizing the kitchen, storage units, attic and home. These versatile products can be used virtually anywhere, to label and organize virtually anything. Take a look at some of these customer reviews for tips and tricks on how to use your labels and the included chalk markers!

I love these!! My spices are so organized now!

Our kitchen designer suggested putting all my spices in uniform jars with labels on the the top to fit nicely in a drawer standing up. Most lables (sic) that were already printed left out spices I have or listed spices I don’t have. When I found these I was thrilled. I used the white chalk pen for the starting letter of each spice and then used the gold pen to finish. I love the way it looks and they are now super easy to find!

The best part of all is that they wipe off easy with window cleaner so you can use them again or if you make a mistake start all over!

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User K.C. Johnson “Read, Cook & Knit”

January 23, 2015

Cohas Chalkboard labels

These Cohas Chalkboard labels work great for my spice jars. I really like the way it has turned out. Some of the complaints of other reviews are about the marker. Yes it takes a while for the liquid chalk to start flowing to the tip of the pen, the harder you push does not make it come out any quicker and will only ruin the tip. Gently push the tip down and scribble lightly until the chalk starts running, mine took a while to work but ended up working fine.

Another complaint was that it didn’t wash off. You must wash it off with a cleaner such as Windex that has ammonia in it (as the package says). With Windex it comes right off and can be rewritten on no problem.

Another issue people have stated was about not being able to use regular chalk on it. I found some pastel chalk that looks and writes like regular chalk does and those do fine on these labels. In one of my pictures of just the labels on the bottom is the chalk pastel, only downside is it writes like a stick of chalk so it’s thick bulky so it’s hard to read if you have a long label. Also it smudges really easy where as the pen that comes with the kit does not smudge once dry.

I have attached a few pictures of my spice rack with the jars and labels on the lids so you can see what the pen writing looks like on the labels themselves. The bottom row of spices is the original ones that came with the rack, I didn’t get enough square jars to finish my custom labels so that’s why they are different.

After use of my pen for a while the ink did seem to saturate a bit too much and leave a thicker line, I’m hoping that by leaving the pen right side up will prevent this from happening that’s the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. Over all though I’m really happy with this product and would recommend it.

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User Yesterdaysnews

January 09, 2015

These worked wonderfully for me to organize my tea collection

Almost 5 stars, but as other posters have noted, they are difficult to re-position.

These worked wonderfully for me to organize my tea collection. The 1mm marker was thin enough for me to write 2-3 lines of text per label, and the size of the labels was great for affixing to the top of a tea tin (see photo). The marker does take a long time to get the ink flowing when you first use it, so don’t give up, it will eventually flow nicely. (This is true for all “chalk” markers.)

to erase the marker, you do have to scrub just a little bit with Windex, but it’s worth it to me to keep it smudge-free. You can rub your finger across the label and it remains pristine, as long as you let it dry first!

spice_teas_writingI am very happy with these, and although I wish they were a little less expensive (currently $15), I am happy with the product and with my purchase. For my needs (long-term labels on re-usable containers), they were perfect.

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User CB

January 28, 2015

They work very well and look great

These labels look artsy on mason and other glass jars. The adhesive is very secure yet labels peel off cleanly as intended. The pen works well. The ink lasts through normal washings but scrubs off as needed. I’m typically a picky customer but no complaints here – they got it right and I will be a repeat customer.

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User Denise B.

April 4, 2015

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