Cohas Chalkboard products include quality boards with a texture resembling antique chalkboards.  Available framed or unframed in many different sizes. They are perfect for use in homes and businesses, or at parties, wedding and events! Easy to change chalkboard surface can be used as a tabletop display or placed on the floor. As a result the larger units can be used as storefront or sidewalk signs. Because of this versatility they can be used virtually anywhere and for anything!

Available in tabletop, intermediate and storefront sizes, these country craft displays accept matching inserts from 5 x 7 through 24 x 36 inches.

Cohas Chalkboard Systems Brand Awareness Graphic pub background logo and tagline foreground with 8x10 Real Slate Tabletop display

A True Chalkboard System

Cohas Frames are open back easy to change frames supporting many types of inserts;

  • Rustic Cohas Roofing Slate Insert
  • Cohas ChalkFlex textured synthetic chalkboard mounted to recycled board
  • Whiteboard Surface also mounted to recycled board
  • Cohas Print Display System, Supports any printout provides a crystal clear cover

Cohas Chalkboard Systems Made in the United States

Solid hardwood poplar Country Craft hand rubbed frames with reinforced corners made in the United States.  Wrought iron stands machine bent by hand in the United States from carbon steel manufactured in this country.  Hardware for assembly made in the United States.  In addition inserts use materials manufactured and sourced in the United States and Canada.  Real Slate roofing tile mined in New England.  Premium chalk markers imported from Japan.

Also available; Chalkboard Labels, Magnetic Backed and Magnetic Chalkboards, Calendars, Whiteboards, Wedding Novelty Items and Real Slate Products.

  • Custom Slate Sets

    Original price was: $106.95.Current price is: $84.95.Sale!

Cohas Easy to Remove, Change and Insert Signs

Cohas Tabletop frames come with one style insert of your choice. These inserts are changed in seconds through a simple lift and pivot motion. Tabletop frame looks just like a premium fixed frame.  Finally this tabletop display holds a secret, the back is specially designed for changeable artwork.

  • Infographic of easy to change Cohas Tabletop Display; Insert, Pivot, Slide - InstructionsUnique Easy to Change system supports different inserts that change at a moments notice
  • Refills available in different types, in addition to being compatible with Cohas Easy to Change Frame
  • Exceptionally useful for restaurant, bar and food service organizations
  • Used for daily specials, menu changes, as well as hospitality environments
  • Display a retirement party graphic at noon, then a wedding illustration in the evening
  • Great for a family or entertaining at home, removing and replacing the graphic is a snap!
  • Change your family message with the seasons, keep a different message for each holiday on hand
  • Board of your choice will insert easily and therefore stays in place
  • Looks like a piece of fine artwork framed by professionals
  • No screws, no wires, no points to pull, or tabs to bend hence easy to remove inserts
  • Simply hold the sign face, lift up, pivot out and lower down to remove
  • Reverse the process to insert a new chalk art display or one of our other insert options

Cohas Integral Compact Stand

Heavy 3/4 inch black carbon steel manufactured and hot rolled in the USA.  This forms the sturdy wrought iron base for our tabletop display. Hand bending forms the distinctive base rings that support the display on the left and right. The stowable foot provides close support for the unit as a result only 5 inches of table or shelf space are needed to display upright.

  • Infographic on Cohas Tabletop Display showing folding stand informatoinCohas Tabletop multipurpose display uses a sturdy solid integral foot system
  • Unlike typical imports with kickstands or easel backs that fall apart
  • Base is 3/4 inch wide structural steel wrought iron
  • Stand assembled with aircraft quality rivets also providing years of service
  • Wrought iron frame is also securely fastened to a solid wood frame with stainless steel screws
  • The screws are countersunk into the matte black stand, as a result in the tabletop display has a clean look from any viewing angle
  • Stowed for shipping, foot folds for storage or transportation between catering events
  • Shaker style, commercial quality tabletop stand hangs on the wall for display once the foot is stowed
  • Also available in a two sided A-Frame Style

Hundreds of  Tabletop Display Applications

Bars and Restaurants

An artist drawing on a Cohas Chalkboard when out of the tabletop display standExceptionally useful for restaurant, bar and food service organizations.  As a result this unique feature provides for different inserts changed at a moments notice. Used for daily specials, menu changes, today’s beer list or any message to your patrons.

Inserts are much easier to illustrate when removed from the frame.  Gone are the awkward edit situations that occur with cheep imports.

The frame supports reasonably priced inserts that easily expand your capability to display any message at any time!

Wedding and Events

Cohas Tabletop Display with Wedding Graphic with One Frame many events! The easy to change inserts can announce the rehearsal dinner one day, then on to the wedding and into the reception the next.

Perfect for wedding planners, hotels, halls, rental facilities and specialty venues.  The long lasting, made in the USA, easy to change Cohas sign is built to commercial standards.

Time to change is about 20 seconds once you have your graphic ready.  Finally no need for tools or struggling with awkward hardware.

Home & POP (Point of Purchase)

8x10 easy to change tabletop display sign with Great for a family or entertaining at home, removing and replacing the graphic is a snap! Change your family message with the seasons, or keep a different message for each holiday on hand. The board of your choice will insert easily and stays in place. This results in the look of a piece of fine artwork framed by professionals.

The solid wood frame and wrought iron carbon steel base provides a chalkboard system that can take the hard knocks of home or storefront.

Sizes available small enough to be either on the counter next to the checkout, or large enough to be on the sidewalk!