Zig Posterman Waterproof Markers with Windex Semi-Permanent Easy to Clean

Zig Posterman Waterproof Paint Markers are called semi-permanent because they won’t come off with just water and a sponge. Unlike other markers, like dry and wet erase, Zig’s won’t rub off or smudge once they’ve dried on smooth non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, and white or blackboards. And, unlike permanent markers, it is easy to clean Zig Posterman off, leaving the surface free from marks and ready for a new design!

Zig Posterman Waterproof Markers with Windex Semi-Permanent Easy to Clean Zig Posterman

Clean Zig Posterman Waterproof Markers

Cleaning Zig markers off is easy when you use the right products. Typical household glass cleaners, like Windex, available at most supermarkets and department stores, as well as whiteboard cleaners, like Expo, available typically at office supply stores, work great to remove Zig markers. Cleaners with ammonia will also work well to remove the markers.

To remove Zigs from your non-porous surfaces, simply spray the cleaner directly onto the surface or onto a paper towel or sponge. If spraying the surface directly, give the cleaner a few seconds to begin to dissolve the paint markers, then begin wiping, watching as the marks magically disappear. Continue wiping, occasionally rinsing the sponge or moving to a clean area of the paper towel until your design is gone! It’s that easy!

A few helpful tips when working with Zig Markers:

  • ALWAYS test your surfaces before creating a full design. Zig’s do not come off certain surfaces easily, like wood and clothing.
  • Allow freshly cleaned areas to fully dry before creating new designs. Leftover cleaner will prevent the marker from sticking to the surface.
  • Be sure to clean the area of fingerprints and other elements before creating designs. Zig’s don’t work well on dirty surfaces.

If using Wet-Wipe Zig Posterman Markers they need only water to remove them in most cases.  Stains or marks or can often be removed with Windex.

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