Chefland Chalkboard Label on the red top and side of the square spice jar. Shown with standard and oversize teaspoon

I like square spice jars as they fit together nicer when they are stored. We wanted to test our Chefland chalkboard labels and needed to make sure they fit well.  In addition the analysis we did, will provide you with all the details on these sturdy glass containers with bright red lids.

Chefland Square Glass Spice JarsTesting the Chefland Chalkboard Label and jar underwater to see if it is waterproof and watertight

One of the first things you will want to know is the fit of the cap. Can the cap be put on without the inside shaker lid? Happy to say that yes it can. We rarely use that part and when it is not on, the cap screws down nice and tight. It is strong and at the same time soft enough that it is not going to crack or break. We tested them by putting the jar under water and had no leaks with or without the shaker cap on. Good news – your spices will remain as fresh as they can.

The chalkboard labels fit great and come with just the right size small round circle for the top and a rectangle that fits the side. We used the Ziggyboard kit that has a 1/2 mm marker in it. The 1mm would have worked for the side, but a bit large for the top. If you put an abbreviation on the top label, it would work fine. Labeling the top and the side is something we like to do. This is due to a container of hot red chili powder and paprika open at the same time once. Not a good mix up! If you have already bought these jars, you know they have no labels.  The Cohas Chefland Chalkboard Labels are available in marker kits and refill kits.  They ship same day.  The Chefland containers can be found on Amazon or at other big box stores in most communities.

Chefland Chalkboard Label on the red top and side of the square spice jar. Shown with standard and oversize teaspoon

How Do They Measure Up?

Don’t you find it frustrating when the manufacture, distributor or seller does not put all the details in the offering?  I know we do.  For that reason we take a little time to document all the sizes and capacities of the containers for you. While it is important that the Chefland Chalkboard Labels fit just right, you need to know your spices or the items you want to display or share fit in the bottle too!
Chefland Chalkboard Labels Jar shown holding 26 Tsp of SaltThe opening is 1 1/4 in diameter. As a result of this size limitation a regular teaspoon can fit in it, but one of the round ones will not. The container fits 26 level teaspoons of salt, this is the dry measure of the capacity. We found that it held 4.1 liquid ounces or 125 ml of water.
The jars are 1 5/8 square on the outside by 4 1/8 tall without the cap on. With the shaker top and cap on they are 4 1/4 inches tall. Use this dimension if you are putting them in a drawer – it must be this deep. Since it did not fit ours, we adjusted a shelf in a cupboard.

 About the Chefland Chalkboard Labels and Marker

 Need a Chalkboard Label System and chalk marker that will not come off with water, even most soap and water solutions?  Smart chefs select Cohas Label kits.  Beware of inferior products from China, all our labels are cast and cut here in the USA.  In addition the marker is a premium Zig Posterman Chalk Marker that is waterproof, yet still semi-permanent.
Cohas Labels are easy to clean and reuse. Simply wipe away the lettering on the label, and write again! Kits that include a marker come with a Zig Posterman Waterproof Marker. The extra fine marker features a 0.5mm tip, perfect for creating super fine lines; the fine marker features a 1mm tip, perfect for creating thin lines. The markers will not wash off with just water and therefore require Windex or an ammonia based cleaner.
Available in marker & label kits with white, silver or gold chalk ink. As a result your text or artwork will fit into the design of your home, kitchen or event.  Since the metallic makers provide a formal foil look we often see used at weddings and showers, in addition to other life events.

The labels are dishwasher safe and are not recommended for painted or delicate surfaces. To remove the label from the surface, simply use gentle heat from a hair dryer. They can be repositioned when applied.  However, they are not reusable on other surfaces once removed.

The Chefland Chalkboard Labels are designed for the square glass spice jar.  They will also fit many other small size containers.  Rectangle labels are 2 1/2 inches by about 1 1/4 inches.  Round labels are 1 inch across.

In conclusion if you have needs for labels that can not be found here on the Cohas Chalkboard Systems website, please reach out to us.  Chef Stephen is always interested in learning more about your application!  Did you know? The best product ideas come from you, the customer.

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