Chalkboard Spice Jar Labels Perfect for Kitchen Organization!

Cohas Chalkboard System Labels are made from material that looks like classic chalkboards, but will stick to any smooth surface. These chalkboard spice jar labels come in round, rectangle, square, hexagon and oval shapes to fit the side and top of your jars and containers.

Chalkboard Spice Jar Labels, Great for Gifting Too!Cohas Chalkboard Spice Jar Labels come in sizes to fit every container

Chalkboard Spice Labels Guide

Cohas spice jars labels come in many sizes and shapes. They have been specifically designed to fit the sides and tops of more than ten different popular spice jar brands and styles.

Always know which ingredient you’re reaching for! Because you can label both the sides and tops of the jars, you can see easily see what’s in the jar. Labels can be in view, regardless of whether the spice is high up in your cabinet or kept in a rack on your countertop.

Several spice jar sets come with glass jars and plastic or metal lids. The chalkboard spice jar labels can be used on any of these surfaces. They go on smoothly, allowing you to label your spices and organize your kitchen efficiently.

These spice jar labels can be used for other spice jars and purposes. The labels’ sizes are listed, allowing you to make sure the labels will fit your needs. Measure your spice jars and lids and compare to the sizes that are available to find the best fit for your jars. The labels can also fit many food, oil, and general storage containers. You can use them for wedding and party favors, in the classroom, or at the office.

Sizes to fit Every Spice Container

Select from kits with a marker or a refill kit with no marker. Kits that include a marker come with a premium semi-permanent waterproof marker or a permanent waterproof marker. The extra fine marker features a 0.5mm tip, perfect for creating super fine lines about 1/64 inches wide. The fine marker features a 1mm tip, perfect for creating thin lines about 1/32 inches wide.

The semi-permanent markers will not wash off with just water and require Windex or an ammonia based cleaner. Permanent markers will not wash off with water, but may be removed with isopropyl alcohol. This product is not recommended for children to use.

Refill kits come with labels only and no chalk marker. Waterproof marker is recommended for best results.

Available Chalkboard Label Kits

All chalkboard spice jar labels are available in your choice of white, silver, and gold markers or a refill kit. Markers are available in Fine 1mm and Extra Fine 1/2mm tip sizes. Also available are permanent markers that can not be removed with soaps or Windex.

Safe in your home, office, restaurant or business. Semi-permanent markers, imported from Japan have the CE mark, meet Toy Safety Regulation EN-41, and bear AP Seal ASTM D4236. Permanent markers are Xylene-free, do not contain any chemicals listed in California Prop 65, EPA HAPS list of SARA 313 regulations and are made in the USA.

Ziggyboard has become Cohas! Still providing the same quality products you’ve come to know and love, but under a new name!

The chalkboard polymer adhesive label used in all our Cohas Chalkboard kits are cast and cut right here in America. Materials used for both the label and adhesive are manufactured in the USA.

Using your Chalkboard Spice Jar Labels

Left 1/2 mm Chalk Marker – Right 1 mm Chalk Marker

Labels are easy to clean and reuse, and stick well to your glassware or containers. They also adhere to ceramics, wood, steel, aluminum, porcelain, plastics, or other smooth non-porous surfaces. Remove with gentle heat from a hair dryer. Labels and markers are not recommended for painted walls; use our removable Cohas Chalkboard System ChalkFlex for decorating your walls or painted surfaces.

Labels and marker are both dishwasher safe, ensuring you can label, wash, and reuse over and over again. The labels feature a permanent adhesive, so your jars and lids can go right into the sink or dishwasher without the fear of losing a label. The ink inside the included markers is waterproof, which means it won’t wash off with normal use and washing – even with soap! When using the refill kit, be sure to use a waterproof or permanent marker to get the same results.

Pre-clean your labels with Windex or a kitchen cleaner to ensure good adhesion of the chalk marker. Let dry before writing or drawing.

Cohas refill kits are available to provide more value and labels for your project. We recommended that Cohas kits with markers are used with these refill kits. Wet-Wipe markers will smear and the writing will come off when wet.

Chalkboard Label Tips

Always be sure to properly prime and store your waterproof marker. When your chalkboard spice jar labels and marker kit arrive, the marker will not be primed and the tip will be dry. Begin by shaking your marker well for one minute; as you do, you’ll hear a small ball inside the barrel. This is mixing the ink thoroughly, as some separation can occur during storage and transportation.

Remove the cap from your marker and hold it vertically, with the tip placed on a scrap piece of material. Push the marker down and hold for no more than 10 seconds. Release the tip to allow it come back out and check for ink. Repeat this process until the ink begins to flow. As needed, re-prime your marker on scrap material.

If your kit includes an extra fine tip 1/2mm marker, you’ll want to use extra care when priming. This marker has a special valve inside for priming. Do not pump the marker, as this will flood the valve and the marker will no longer work. Also, do not prime the marker while you are lettering or creating your design.  All Cohas chalkboard spice jar labels come with detailed instructions for use.

For demanding applications consider our permanent chalk markers, made in the USA.

Available Kit Types

1 MM Waterproof Kit

The fine size markers are easy to use and make a 1/32 inch line on the Cohas Chalkboard Labels.

Imported from Japan, this waterproof marker removes with Windex or kitchen cleaner.

  • 1mm Semi-Permanent Waterproof
  •   – White
  •   – Gold
  •   – Silver

1 MM Permanent Kit

Made right here in America, this marker will not remove with water, soap, cleaners or solvents.

  • 1mm Permanent
  •  – White

Select the marker that fits your application. This tip size is easy to use and suited to larger letters.

1/2 MM Waterproof Kit

The extra fine size markers are professional markers and make a 1/64 inch line on the Cohas Chalkboard Labels.

Imported from Japan, this waterproof marker removes with Windex or kitchen cleaner.

  • 1/2mm Semi-Permanent Waterproof
  •   – White
  •   – Gold
  •   – Silver

1/2 MM Permanent Kit

Made right here in America, this marker will not remove with water, soap, cleaners or solvents.

  • 1/2 mm Permanent
  •  – White

Select the marker that fits your application. This tip size is harder to use and suited to smaller graphics. Both types are the smallest chalk markers available on the market today.

Refill Kit

While the standard Cohas chalkboard marker kits are handy and include both the marker and the labels, sometimes you need more.

Refill kits provide a thrifty option for chalkboard labels.

  • Test other brands of markers before use
  • Wet-Wipe markers will smear
  • Wet-Wipe remove with water
  • Use semi-permanent or permanent

Customer Tips!

  • If possible, draw before applying
  • Clean before use for best quality
  • After cleaning, let dry
  • Hold marker tall for thin line
  • Angle marker for thick line
  • Blot marker tip after use
  • Store marker on side
  • Mistake? Wipe before dry, redraw
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