Cohas Hand Painted Chalkboard Barber Sign

Make a sign for your business using chalk markers, boards, frames and even flexible chalkboard available here from Cohas Chalkboard Systems!  Chalkboard Art is a great way to attract customers into your business with a colorful, creative sign. In this video we have talented Sign Artist John Neal from the United Kingdom creating a sign for Franky The Barber. Watch and learn how to get creative with his “how to” video!


How to Draw a Chalkboard Sign

The first step John does is he maps  what the base of his work is going to be. He does so with a Violet Zig Illumigraph Marker. It is dark enough to see, and comes off easy by rubbing it off or using a damp cloth. Anyway, back to the art work. The next step John uses a paint brush and white paint for the lettering. Then he uses a 6mm White Zig Posterman Marker for the smaller print. After it drys, he goes back over with the brush to add another coat to the white.

Cohas Hand Painted Chalkboard Barber Sign

John Neal Chalkboard Artist puts the finishing touches on a Barber Shop A-Frame Sign

Using a 30mm White Waterproof Biggie marker, John makes a pole overlapping the letters. Notice how he mention’s he maybe should have drawn the pole first, oops! After, he adds red using a 30mm Red Zig Posterman Marker. When that step is finished he applied two coats of acrylic varnish spray.

As he almost completes the sign,  he then outlines the letters with red paint using a brush, then adding some white around the letters. Giving it a flashing look, he adds lines to the white paint using a 6mm White Zig Posterman. John then begins to go back over the lettering by using a Black 6mm marker to outline and give it a nice clean look.

While John Neal used a home painted board to create this sign. Our Cohas Chalkboard System surfaces provide for a easy to clean chalkboard, when you are ready to change your sign.  All our surfaces from the ChalkFlex, EcoBoard and even Real Slate can also be overcoated with clear acrylic like John did with his sign.

Our 100% US made high quality wood and wrought iron A-Frame would be great for a display like this. These signs support removable inserts that can make a sign like Franky the Barber’s A-frame even more flexable, with easy to change chalkboard.

Interested in learning more from John Neal Chalkboard Artist? Visit his Artist Website for a full length downloadable video. Make sure you let him know you saw his story on!


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