The Patriots logo drawn with Zig Posterman on the back window of car

Zig Posterman Paint Markers work great to decorate your car or SUV with your favorite team’s sport logos. John G., of New Hampshire, shared his story of chalk marker team pride.  He detailed to us how he decorated his car after the final football playoff games leading to the Superbowl:

Zig Posterman Paint Markers create sports logos on car windows showing chalk marker team pride“We hand made this Patriots team logo on our SUV one afternoon here in New England, the temps were about 50 degrees and we worked in the sun. The logo came out striking with high quality crisp lines, and dense thick paint on our tinted windows.” This work was done leading up to the 2012 Superbowl.

“We did go over the image again after it dried with no smear or smudging. We had to make some deliveries to customers in this SUV about 10 minutes after we finished. With wet roads, salt spray and underpasses dripping on the highway we had no loss in quality of this artwork in our drive.

“What we did get were a lot of honking and thumbs up as we drove around southern New Hampshire!”

Chalk Marker Team Pride Test Car

New York Giants Superbowl Window Paint MarkersExcited with the idea, we asked Kris, one of our Cohas artists, she agreed albeit reluctantly to do the Giants logo on her rear car window.

This test car with the NY Giants had another sort of gesture when our artist went home for lunch. You can understand, it’s New England. When you include all fifty or so colors of waterproof markers we have available, we can outfit you to decorate your car for virtually any team!  Pro, College or High School, our in stock markers will have your car ready before the weekend.

Zig Posterman waterproof markers feature an opaque liquid chalk ink that will not wash off with just water. They are perfect for lettering and designs that may be exposed to moisture or left outside. Use these markers on your chalkboard labels, outdoor signs, black and whiteboards, store windows, cars, and much more.

The markers’ waterproof ink means it will not wash off with just water. To clean the ink, use a cleaner with ammonia, like Windex or kitchen cleaner. Allow the surface to fully dry before reapplying markers.

Many auto dealerships order from our Zig Posterman store here on Cohas to do windshield ads on cars.  Not just for team pride, they make a great advertising tool too.



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