Chalk Marker Easter Egg How To Guide

With Easter approaching, we decided to have a little fun on eggs. Wondering if it was possible to create a chalk marker Easter Egg or even color on an egg with a paint marker.  If we could, then what would happen if we dyed them after using Zig Posterman markers on them. Time for a little experiment. The result was that the waterproof markers work great on Easter eggs and the dye does nothing to the marker!

How to Chalk Marker Easter Egg

A Easter Egg colored with Zig Posterman MarkersFirst, we drew on a few eggs using different colored Zig Posterman waterproof markers. Using orange, yellow, blue, red and white for this experiment. After letting the markers dry,
the eggs were dropped into standard egg coloring dye.  This was made the traditional way with vinegar, water and egg coloring tablets from a local store.

Upon pulling the eggs out of the dye, our test technician discovered that the dye had no effect on our chalk marker Easter egg! In fact, the dye made the markers stand out more on the eggs by adding contrast to the colors.

After letting the dye on the eggs dry overnight, we decided to continue this experiment. The technician wanted to see if cleaning the marker off the egg would effect the dye. He used both Windex and Zig Posterman cleaner on the eggs.

In both experiments, the cleaner removed both the marker and the egg dye. Furthermore, in this instance, the Zig Posterman cleaner worked better at removing the marker from the egg than the Windex did!

So, when coloring Easter eggs next time, be sure to grab some Zig Posterman markers and have a little experiment of your own!  We did adding our Cohas Cartoon Logo to our own Easter Egg.

The size of a hard boiled egg requires smaller tipped markers.  We recommend starting with the 1mm tip marker, for very fine lines you may want to consider the 1/2 mm marker.  The 6mm waterproof marker also works well, use the sharp tip for details, and the wide edge for filling in areas.

You may want to consider the Woodcraft or Acrylista markers since they come with muted pastel colors associated with spring.


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