Get Social with your Patients with a Vet Visit Milestone Board

More and more veterinary offices are getting on social networks like Facebook and Intagram to share their favorite pet patients. From cats and dogs, to turtles and guinea pigs, pets of all kinds are capturing hearts across the internet. Now it’s your turn to get social with your patients with a vet visit milestone board!…

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Ever Wonder about Trader Joe’s Chalkboard Artwork?

The natural style food markets so popular today have plenty of full color old school displays throughout the aisles.  Trader Joe’s Chalkboard Art creates a 3D paradise pulling you into the shopping experience. You would think these detailed and colorful displays were created in some Madison Ave studio, you would be wrong! Where and Who Makes Trader…

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Zig Posterman on Canvas Goes to School Fun Night

Not a month goes by here at Cohas Chalkboard Systems without being asked “Can we use Zig Posterman on Canvas, as in the traditional art media canvas stretched on frames?” Thanks to a volunteer in the community event one of our designers had a chance to find out in June of 2013.  Recently I was asked…

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