Create imaginative works of art with these ideas from Cohas Chalkboard Systems. A beautiful form of expression, art can be found in all areas of life. What better way to paint up something unique than with liquid chalk markers?

These stories will give you inspiration to start your own crafting project, paint a display on your car or window, or spur an idea of your own for your home or business. From how-to and fun idea videos, to ways to work with color overlays and templates, making art with Cohas products can be fun for the whole family.

Whether you are just looking for an art project to brighten your house, or want to create and eye-catching design on your business’ sign board, these stories are full of ideas to create something stunning today!

We welcome your ideas! If you have a story about how you’ve used Cohas Chalkboard Systems or Zig Posterman markers, we’d love to hear it. If you send us a minimum of 2 images of your artwork, and 250 words telling us how you used the products, you could receive $15 off your next order!* Visit our contact page to begin.

*Coupon valid only if we use your story on our site, Does not apply to past orders, regardless of order status. May only be used once and cannot be combined with other coupons.

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DIY Wine Bottle Art with Chalkboard Paint

Zig Posterman markers work wonders on a variety of surfaces, including of course chalkboards! With a little bit of imagination, one can create amazing and unique arts and crafts projects with these great markers, just like Kristina Gulino, author on Nook & Sea. Kristina created this wonderful DIY wine bottle art, a great counter top…

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Hot Diggity, Zig Posterman Donut Shoes, Decorate Sneakers

Looking to have your favorite line of outerwear or clothing item a little more personalized?  Ever want to decorate sneakers while bored in the classroom?  The Bobsmade Design Studio in Germany has turned just such thoughts into artwork. They are now a  worldwide supplier of custom clothing, footwear and technical equipment with punch! Bobsmade has hundreds of private Clients, “these are the jobs we enjoy…

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Chalk Marker Easter Egg How To Guide with Paint Markers

With Easter approaching, we decided to have a little fun on eggs. Wondering if it was possible to create a chalk marker Easter Egg or even color on an egg with a paint marker.  If we could, then what would happen if we dyed them after using Zig Posterman markers on them. Time for a little experiment.…

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World Cup, Zig Posterman Car Painting with Paint Markers

Who would have thought of this! These two girls in the United Kingdom paint a car to look like the Flag of England using Zig Posterman Markers.  This was done in support of the 2010 World Cup.  Since we published this video Zig Posterman car painting has become quite popular right here in America.  Be sure to…

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