In April of 2015, Kathy and Steve of ImageAbility, and sellers of the creative waterproof Zig Posterman Markers, were cruising around the 20th Business NH’s Made in New Hampshire Expo held in Manchester.

Among the vendors and crafters was Hannah Forcier of Whitefield, N.H. Curious, Kathy and Steve struck up a conversation with the young artist who was selling watercolor paintings to save up for college in the fall.

hannah_mtn_grand“I’m almost a year out of high school,” Hannah said. “I was accepted to the Dave School in Orlando to study animation, but need money for the tuition.”

Interestingly enough, Kathy and Steve had recently spent a weekend in Whitefield at the picturesque and historical Mountain View Grand Resort.

“We were impressed with her work and her ambition, and committed to sending her a set of markers and slate for free to try out an idea we had,” Steve said.

Hannah did a tole painting of the grand hotel with Zig Posterman markers on a piece of slate.

“It was fun,” she said. “Watercolors are not very forgiving, but I was able to ‘erase’ any mistakes with a bit of Windex and redo the lines with the paints.”

Steve said he is hoping to have Hannah create the tole paintings using the Zig markers on pieces of slate that could be sold in the hotel’s gift shop.

“We are presenting this idea to hotel management, and if they like it, we’ll also present some coaster concepts for the resort’s bar,” he said. “Because the paints are waterproof, the design will not wash off.”

Hannah said she also has a full-time job in a grocery store, and this would allow her to work on the paintings for the hotel in her down time as needed by demand.

ImageAbility is also proposing a “Slate Night” for adults and a “Slate Saturday” for children, for guests to take and take home their work as a souvenir.

“We would provide the painting kits and Hannah could teach the classes,” Steve said.

Watch as Hannah creates the artwork below:

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